Spanish Experiences

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Visiting Spain brings up feelings of warm, comforting recognition and that ever-reliable sensation that you can really unwind and enjoy the warm weather and equally warm hospitality. A laid back lifestyle, world famous cuisine, wonderfully pleasant climates, vibrant cities, idyllic coastlines and fiestas aplenty collide to create a travellers paradise.

Whilst Spain as a country is a pretty well-trodden path for tourists, and the classic activities like lazing on one of its many sun-soaked beaches, feasting on stunning paella and refreshing sangria are unsurprisingly popular, there are plenty offbeat experiences you can discover, if you know where to look…

Spain is the epitome of old traditions and culture woven seamlessly with cutting-edge culture and thriving cities. It’s picturesque Old Towns and futuristic cityscapes, age-old taverns and swanky bars, it’s a beautiful, dynamic, cultured, intriguing country with an abundance of uniqueness and variety.

You’ve got the thriving capitals of Madrid and Barcelona, the vast regional winelands (of which there are over 60), the simply stunning Basque country and some true up-and-comers in the form of Granada, Valencia and Seville.

There’s so much to explore in Spain that it’s often hard to know where to start, but once you’ve dug beneath the admittedly touristy exterior, you’ll find a richness of unique experiences that will leave your trip unforgettable.



Potentially clichéd, but there’s a reason Barcelona is so often cited as one of the best cities to visit in Spain, and indeed Europe. Unsurpassable architectural gems, stunning coastal weather and a vibrant, fun-loving population, there’s a ridiculous amount to discover in this hugely popular city.

Colourful food markets, secret Gothic courtyards, centuries-old alleyways and incredible cathedrals await on an exploration of these wide avenues and shady lanes.


A true hidden gem, Valencia quietly goes about its business of being one of the most infectious cities in Spain, without compromising the local way of life. Simultaneously small-town and big-city, traditional and cutting edge, the real treasure of Valencia is its locals.

When the weather warms up and the fiestas begin to kick off, make sure you’re there to see it, and get swept away by the addictive Valencian thirst for a party.

Basque Country

For something a little different, travel to the Basque Country. It’s true that this corner of northern Spain feels unique in comparison to the rest of the peninsula, and from the wild, rugged Atlantic coast to the sun-dabbled Bilboa or delightful San Sebastian, you’re sure to find treats that aren’t on your standard tourist trail.

Quaint, authentic fishing villages dot the coastline, there’s enough art and culture to satisfy any Bohemian, and an incredible food and wine scene leaves the Basque Country the perfect region for those looking to find truly unique, authentic experiences.

When is the best time to go?


Spain will get a bit wetter, and actually pretty chilly in some places, particularly away from the coasts. Down in the south, it remains mild and quite pleasant, and you’ll be clear of the crowds and likely paying bargain prices.


Great weather, smaller crowds, these could be the ideal seasons to travel in Spain. There are fewer hikers out in the hills and mountains, less crowding in the cities, and often great deals to be found on accommodation.


Hot all over the country, the high temperatures actually make this the low season in some parts of central Spain. Dry and sunny, you’re guaranteed good weather, although prices will generally be higher and you’re likely to encounter a lot more tourists.

Top Things to do
Top Places to Visit
  1. Tenerife


  2. San Sebastián

    San Sebastián

  3. Mallorca


  4. Seville


  5. Barcelona


  6. Madrid


  7. Valencia


  8. Costa Blanca

    Costa Blanca

  9. Fuerteventura


  10. Andalucía


  11. Menorca


  12. Spanish Pyrenees

    Spanish Pyrenees

  13. Extremadura