Unique Lapland Experiences

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Immersive Lapland Experiences

“Everything about Lapland is so real and so pure. The nature around you is astounding and I don’t know anywhere else like it in the world.” These are the words of our local ambassador for Lapland, Markku, when asked what he loves most about his country, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Lapland whether in the grip of a magical, snow-blanketed winter or in the midst of a softly lit, endless summer, is the ultimate natural destination. Bask in the fiery tongues of the majestic northern lights, take part in heart-melting husky encounters, or go spotting the native reindeer. Lapland is exhilarating, engrossing and has a real sense of magic about it. After all, it’s the home of two of the most famous natural phenomena, the aurora borealis, and the midnight sun

Adventure is in the air in Lapland. Towering pine forests, dotted with idyllic, crystal blue lakes, stunning mountain scenery and dramatic fells offer some of the world’s best hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing. And one of the very best things about this natural utopia, you feel genuinely isolated, off the beaten track, and in true wilderness. As Markku puts it, “It’s so amazing because when you’re out in nature here, you can travel 100km and not see another soul.”

And that’s just the way we like it.


The Northern Lights

It was only ever going to be, wasn’t it? This world-famous phenomenon has captured the imagination of thousands, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Standing in the crisp, pure night air, as bursts of vivid greens bloom and brilliant tongues of red roll across the inky black night sky, is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Catching the Northern Lights is all about being in the right place at the right time, and there is no better place or time than Lapland in the winter months. Come and see them for yourself, and you’ll truly understand how one would turn to the supernatural as an explanation for this wonderous sight.

Hiking & Cross Country Skiing

One of the great draws of Lapland are its vast open spaces and untapped wilderness. The beautifully pure air and the huge, wide skies provide a sense of total isolation, and when you consider that only 3% of Finland’s population live in this area that makes up almost a third of the country, you can be pretty much guaranteed you’ll be exploring alone.

This sense of true adventure makes Lapland the perfect country for exploring, be that on foot or, in winter, on skiis. You’ll come across dark pine forests, vast frozen lakes, majestic hillsides and imposing mountains, all helping to craft Lapland into the adventurers paradise.

The Sami Culture

These indigenous people, who inhabit the northern reaches of Europe, have a rich, fascinating culture, made all the more compelling thanks to just how far removed it is to a western way of life. Their creativity is reflected in the magical landscape they call home, as they employ unique craftwork traditions to fashion beautiful handcrafted tools and instruments.

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself with this culture. Visit reindeer farms and understand how the reindeer is absolutely central to the Sami way of life, learn about their ancient, haunting music or their wholesome, reindeer-centric cuisine. Above all, allow yourself to be taken in by the warm generosity and easy-going nature of your hosts that inhabit this beautiful part of Finland.

When is the best time to go?

November – March:

If you’re after snow, snow, more snow and the Northen Lights, then these months are your best bet. You can absolutely guarantee perfect conditions for skiing, snowmobiling and any other snow-based activity, and your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are at their very best – you won’t get a better time or place to see them anywhere, at any other time, in the world.

June – August:

The magic of the midnight sun, to many people, is just as compelling as the allure of the Northern Lights. Experiencing the endless days of a Lapland summer is a surreal, enchanting time, as you relax by a serenely quiet lake and soak in the rays of the perpetual sunlight. As April rolls into May, the rivers and lakes crack and unfreeze, and Lapland is opened up to hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, you name it. Go bear spotting, hike the rugged countryside, or take a canoe out onto an idyllic, peaceful lake.

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