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Activity Holidays in Italy

Welcome to Italy. Birthplace of western culture and art. Home to dramatic history and more UNESCO world heritage landmarks than the number of pizza slices you’ll inevitably consume on a trip here. A popular holiday destination with visitors from around the globe, whether you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience to add to your holiday itinerary or an invigorating activity holiday, Italy won’t disappoint.

When it comes to Italy, you have to mention its world famous cuisine. Simple recipes, made with fresh ingredients and a huge helping of love, make Italian food stand above the rest of the world and provides the backdrop for some incredible cooking holidays in Italy. Avid foodies will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven on a cookery holiday in Tuscany, while exploring the street food in Rome or on a wine-tasting experience in Sorrento.

History buffs will stand in awe at the ancient well-preserved gems on every corner. On out Italian city tours you can uncover the history of Naples along its cobbled streets, visit the immense cathedrals of Florence, explore the trulli and caves of Puglia. A visit to Italy is like jumping headfirst into another century.

And Italy’s allure stretches even further than its riveting history and world-class cuisine. In fact, Italy’s nature is a masterpiece of its own. One day you could be painting the hilltop towns on a painting holiday in Le Marche or some other beautiful corner of Italy, the next you’re discovering the rolling, misty hills of Umbria by bike, before unwinding on a yoga retreat deep in the Italian countryside. All in all, Italy will capture your soul with the slow, pleasurable pace of life, and astound with its beauty.

Our unique Italian experiences and activity holidays will provide you with the best combination of culture and fun that the country has to offer. Discover the Italy that lies off the beaten track for enriching experiences and activities that will help you create an unforgettable trip.

Best Time to Visit Italy

While Italy enjoys fantastic weather from spring to autumn, winter is definitely a different story depending on where you are in the country. To the north, expect snow-capped mountains and ski resorts up high, but a lot of wet weather below the clouds. Whereas in the south, temperatures are milder and it is generally drier.

Visiting Italy in Spring

From March to May, expect temperatures between 7-20 degrees in the North and 12-21 degrees in the South.

You’ll do well to squeeze in a visit to Italy in spring. It’s possibly Italy’s best season. Temperatures across the country are ideal and local piazzas and bars come to life as the locals emerge from the winter. Later in the season, you might also want to take advantage of the beaches before the summer hits while everything is still quiet.

Visiting Italy in Summer

From June to August, expect temperatures between 13-29 degrees in the North and 16-30 degrees in the South.

Beware of those average temperatures in summer time – especially if you are planning a visit to one of Italy’s historic cities. Summer in Italy is very hot and humid and temperatures can reach nearly 40 degrees in some parts. It’s also peak season and both the cities and beaches will be crowded. Italians usually take August off and head to the beach so expect businesses in the towns and cities to be closed up for this month.

Visiting Italy in Autumn

From September to November, expect temperatures between 7-25 degrees in the North and 15-27 degrees in the South.

If you want to avoid the summer crowds but not the warm summer temperatures, early September is a perfect time to visit Italy. Summertime vibes are still very much in the air but without the intense heat, making your holiday time very pleasant indeed. From mid-October, things will start to change drastically up North and the Italians will officially swap their summer wardrobe for their winter one.

Visiting Italy in Winter

From December to February, expect temperatures between 0-8 degrees in the North and 11-16 degrees in the South.

When it comes to travelling to Italy, the off-season (November-March), is quite possibly the best time to visit the cities. It can be a little chilly, but you dodge the queues and the stifling heat that threatens to overwhelm at times. In February, Venice holds its annual Carnival and the city is buzzing for about two weeks so watch out for that.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

With their own local delicacies and rich history, Italy’s cities and regions each offer their own unique charm. Get off the beaten track and fall in love with these places to visit in Italy.


With rolling hills & iconic cities, the only issue you'll have is deciding where to start in this idyllic region.


The sunny, whitewashed heel of the boot, is home to an abundance of amazing beaches and hidden gems.


Rome needs no introduction. Charismatic, charming and captivating, from its history to vibrant street life.


Made famous by Romeo & Juliet, Verona itself is an open-air museum with many hidden paths.


Nestled in the historic Bay of Naples, it’s the perfect base for exploring the picturesque Amalfi Coast.


Naples is all about the raw & the spontaneous, it bubbles with volcanic drama and infectious energy.


A lush green paradise, landlocked Umbria is a magical region of truly authentic Italy.

Lake Garda

Enjoy its glistening waters, from quaint harbor towns in the south, to dramatic mountains in the north.


One of Europe's most seductive destinations, Sicily sits at the heart of the Mediterranean and delivers the very best of its food, wine, culture and natural beauty.


A truly unique, magical city, born out of a marble palace on a lagoon, and developing into a stunning network of canals, islands, and pure aesthetic beauty.


Top Things to Do in Italy

Italy is a country of contrasts and each region still holds on proudly to local traditions, each one is well-worth a visit and has a wealth of activities to explore.

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Best Day Trips From Verona in 2021

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Top Tips for Visiting Italy

  • Treat the coffee with respect: Italians live for their coffee and they don’t like breaking from their routine. Espresso is enjoyed throughout the day and especially after a meal. All milky coffees like the cappuccino are best served in the morning. Order one after dinner and expect a look of pure disbelief.
  • Experience island life: you probably know the big guns, Sicily and Sardinia, but there are many other idyllic islands waiting to be explored and boasting beaches and water to rival the Caribbean. You’ll notice the shift in culture and lifestyle in Sicily and Sardinia, and with food to die for and dramatic coastlines, they make fantastic holiday destinations.
  • Raise your glass during ‘aperitivo’: from around 5 to 7pm in the evening, Italy is the place to be. Bars, villages, towns and squares around the country are full of locals enjoying their pre-dinner drink, ‘aperitivo’. Most bars will offer complimentary snacks with the drinks, others will charge a premium but provide a full buffet for you to tuck into.
  • Don’t stay put: if you have the time on your holiday, get out and explore. You’re never far from stunning countryside, historic ruins or beautiful beaches, wherever you choose to base yourself in Italy. Obviously, renting a car provides a lot of freedom but it’s not for everyone. For those who don’t, Italy has a great transport system, especially via rail, which makes it very flexible and affordable to make your own way around the country.

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Easy to get to, amazing wines, fascinating history and vistas to die for, Italy has been top of the destination charts for decades. Whether it’s on your list to inspire