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Authentic Italian Travel Experiences

Welcome to Italy. Birthplace of western culture and of art. Home to inspiring, dramatic history and more UNESCO heritage landmarks than you’ll eat slices of pizza. Italy is glorious, it is almighty, it is majestic, but most of all, it is inspiring.

Although Italy is shaped like a boot, it serves up delights like a stuffed Christmas stocking. It’s history is incomparable, from walking in the footsteps of the Romans in Rome, to the immense duomo’s of Florence, and to the lesser known Dolceacqua, who’s 15th century humpbacked bridge is just one of a few historical gems to be explored. Italy is like jumping head first into the middle of a history book.

With the likes of Michaelangelo, Raphael and Da Vinci hailing from Italy. Not much more needs to be said. Wherever you go in Italy, you’re surrounded by the exceptional art, sculptures and architecture of the greats themselves. With the Sistine Chapel, the Last Supper and the Birth of Venus being just the beginning of some thrilling art encounters.

Italy’s allure stretches much further than its riveting history, its world class cuisine and it’s bellissimo art. In fact, Italy’s nature is a masterpiece of it’s own. One day you could be up in the alps whizzing down the slopes, the next you’re discovering rugged hills of Tuscany, and the next you’re diving in the crystal blue waters of the Amalfi coast. Not bad, eh? Italy’s landscapes are probably the most splendid landscapes you’re likely to point your peepers at.

Top 10 Must See Italy Sites

  1. Ostuni – ‘The White Pearl’
  2. Tremeti Islands – Padre Pio
  3. Verona – Arena Di Verona
  4. Dolomites
  5. Lake Garda – Sirmione
  6. Venice
  7. Amalfi Coast – Capri
  8. Rome
  9. Murano & Burano
  10. Florence

Top Things to do

Top Places to Visit
  1. Tuscany


  2. Puglia


  3. Rome


  4. Verona


  5. Sorrento


  6. Naples


  7. Umbria