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Activity Holidays in Costa Rica

They say size matters, whilst in some cases it might, visit Costa Rica and you’ll see why it definitely doesn’t.

Although Costa Rica is one of the world’s smaller countries, it certainly packs a big punch in terms of the fascinating things it has to offer. It’s actually pretty hard to describe just how amazing Costa Rica is with words only, there’s active volcanoes, dense jungles, incredible wildlife and deserted beaches, so it’s fair to say you won’t struggle to find adventure here. One of the most naturally diverse places on earth, so much so, National Geographic actually once described it as “the most biologically intense place on earth.”

The Costa Rican people have a saying that’s used across the country which is – “Pura Vida” this literally translates to “Pure Life,” and it would be really difficult to find a phrase that’s more fitting to describe what you’ll find in this wonderful place.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

To be honest, there’s no bad time to visit Costa Rica, it does remain warm throughout the year. But being a tropical country, we do have dry and rainy seasons.

For the Central Valley and the Pacific Coastline, the main dry season and the time most popular with visitors is mid December – April. The dry season starts a little earlier for the Caribbean Coastline and to the North of Costa Rica in September-October and this remains dry through Dec-April.

During the dry season, it’s much easier to get around and there’s plenty of sunshine, perfect for exploring the wildlife when tropical species like monkeys and sloths are joined by migrant birds from the north, humpback whales in the warm waters, and sea turtles nesting on shore.

The best off-peak time to come to Costa Rica is June-July. Be prepared for some rain, (but no where near as much as May-June) there’s definitely fewer visitors and lower prices in the local areas. It’s also a great time for some adventure sports e.g. rafting or water rapelling.

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Los Quetzales National Park

Cascading down the sides of the gleaming white Cordillera de Talamanca and along the lush riverbanks


Like the country itself, Alajuela packs an awful lot into a pretty small area. Jaw-dropping volcanoe

Braulio Carrillo National Park

Considering this national park is only 30 minutes north of Costa Rica’s gritty capital, San Jo

Puntarenas Province


Top Things to Do in Costa Rica

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Top Tips for Visiting Costa Rica

Embrace and come with a desire to learn the culture – Costa Rica will probably be like no other place you’ve been before, the majority of locals are very friendly and very happy a lot of the time, so some people are taken a back by this. So don’t be shocked it’s just how it is!

Learn some basic Spanish – although a lot of Costa Ricans speak English, there’s some that don’t, so try and learn a few words before you get here. It’ll help you out a lot and the locals do appreciate you speaking in their native tongue.

Get out of your resort – sounds obvious, but make sure you explore this wonderful country! It’s one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world, so whilst you might enjoy lounging about on a sun lounger, you should make sure you explore as much as possible.

The public transport is cheap, but it’s not always reliable or the fastest. I’d recommend the shuttle buses services we have here. They’re much comfier and much more reliable.

Bring some ear plugs – if you’re staying near or in the jungle, whilst it is amazing, it can get noisy at night sometimes. So bring some earplugs, just in case.