Unique Polish Experiences

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Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Poland is a country that has been torn up, battered around, and is now rising again to offer to travellers some extremely unique experiences.

Medieval clashes with modern, and from the historic Gdańsk to the slick Warsaw, Poland is a relatively untapped gem ready to be your next unique European experience.

Vast forests and mountains as dark as chapters of it’s past, Poland is rich land of stories and legends, of traditions and innovation, all served with lashings of vodka.



Chic, medieval, trendy and historical all at once, Krakow is the number one destination for most travelers that pick Poland as their destination.

Krakow combines a cutting-edge cultural scene and a buzzing population with breathtaking architecture and poignant reminders of a harrowing past. There is little as rewarding as getting under the skin of this city than anywhere else in Europe.

The Great Masurian Lakes

Rolling hills of dark green forest, deep blue lakes and sweeping rivers, quaint villages and traditional farms, the Great Masurian Lake district is a paradise for those looking to get a flavour of the traditional Poland.

Whether you’re an outdoors buff looking for hiking, canoeing or biking, or whether you want to settle in a sleepy, idyllic lakeside village with a book and a czarna, this area is an escapists dream.


A city that has defied the odds and returned as a mishmash of various styles of architecture, Warsaw is resilient, contemporary and has a natural affinity for warm hospitality.

Bitterly cold in winter, the residents fight back with hearty food, hot pastries, strong coffees, and, of course, vodka. This is reflected in a burgeoning food scene and it’s huge variety of nightlife options, whilst in the daytime, there are countless historical spots and beautiful outdoor spaces to explore.

When is the best time to go?


Sunny in the middle summer months, there are chances of rain, but you can be guaranteed entrance to all tourists attractions. These are the school holidays, so you may run into larger crowds, particularly at weekends.

March, April & October

Cooler months, but the weather can still be sunny and the temperature is relatively comfortable in most places. Some attractions may have shorter opening hours, but that’s the price you pay for escaping the crowds.


The months for skiing in Poland’s resorts. It can be pretty cold in these times, so wrap up warm, but the only busy time will be the week between Christmas and New Year.

Top 10 Must See Poland Sites

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

A stark reminder of the dark side of human nature, a visit to Auschwitz is harrowing, haunting and humbling. Understand the individual stories too tragic to fathom, and commemorate the brave souls became victims of the Nazi regime.

A distressing and upsetting, but entirely necessary memorial.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

A twisting, shining labyrinth of something near 300km of tunnels and chambers reaching deep as 327m underground, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a treasure trove of stunning sculpture and subterranean chapels.

A shining example of human engineering ability.

Malbork Castle

An immense, intimidating castle with an equally immense history, this 13th-century Teutonic fortress is, firstly just plain massive, and secondly, a great showpiece to sum up the different powers that have battled over Poland over the centuries.

There’s an awful lot to be learned behind those thick, dust-red walls.

Top Places to Visit
  1. Kraków