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Activity Holidays in Kraków

Kraków has established itself as somewhat of a phoenix. Sacked, conquered, invaded, dictated, it has bounced back from everything thrown at it, and in its current revamp, emerging from the grip of the Soviet Union, it’s serving up more unique Kraków experiences than ever.

Its volatile history has made it a city of contrasts, where medieval seamlessly blends with a cutting-edge cultural scene, and looming Gothic churches rub shoulders with graceful Renaissance Halls.

Kraków is a city determined to enjoy itself. At the forefront of creativity in art, music, literature, cuisine, film, it is also a paradise for festival-goers of any description. Every corner crackles with artistic energy, which along with the free-flowing vodka, does an extremely effective job of shutting out those chilly winter nights.

Best Time to Visit Kraków

Kraków is, unsurprisingly, a popular destination year-round, so the best time to visit is when one of its seemingly countless festivals are running. June has a stacked calendar, as does the time around Christmas, so find what interests you and book around it.

Of course, the midsummer months are warm, verging on the balmy and sometimes touching the mid-twenties, whereas in the depths of winter, you’d be lucky to get many days higher than freezing. This, however, can simply make that trip to a snug cafe all the more rewarding.

And, of course, the Christmas markets here are a sight to behold.