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Activity Holidays in Peru

Peru is traveller’s daydream, packing so much into a single country shouldn’t be possible but, there Peru is. Home to the mighty snow-capped Andes, Incan ruins shrouded in mist, crashing Pacific waves and the thick Amazon, you could travel all year throughout Peru and barely scratch the surface.

Whether you head to the surreal city of Cusco for bucket list hikes like Rainbow Mountain, the Salkantay, or of course the Inca Trail, or to the chaos of downtown Lima to taste some of the most cutting-edge cuisine in the world, Peru offers all things to all travellers.

For nature lovers there’s watching condors drift on the thermals at the jaw-dropping Colca Canyon, or embarking on an adventure through the Amazon on the hunt for any of the vibrant and beautiful animals that live there.

A gold mine for history enthusiasts, Peru’s natural landscape hides countless ancient settlements and fortresses. And with a history as rich and varied as its natural landscape, Peru is a country with a fascinating culture that can be as rewarding to discover as the next plunging mountain valley.

Best Time to Visit Peru

Peru is definitely a country where season matters. In the mountains, you’ll find that you want to aim for the dryer winter months, whereas on the coast the crowds flock to coast to soak up the sun on the gold-sand beaches. In the Amazon you also want to be visiting in the winter – it’s the best time of year for spotting wildlife and there’s less rain.

No matter what time of year you go, there are always fascinating fiestas, carnivals and festivals to enjoy, so bear this in mind when planning your trip.

Visiting Peru in Spring

March – May

If you’re looking to dodge the summer crowds on the coast and the winter travellers in the mountains, this is your perfect time to visit Peru. The weather remains great on the coast and is improving all the time in the Andes, leaving you free to explore both at what some might call their most enchanting time of year.

Visiting Peru in Summer

December – February

This is the season for the sun-worshippers. Locals and tourists alike flock to the beaches when they’re at their golden best, and it’s also the surfing high season. However, the mountains will be very wet, to the extent that even the Inca Trail is closed during February.

Visiting Peru in Autumn

September – November

Great if you want to escape the crowds. Although the main trials will always be busy, if you get off the beaten track with a local guide on one of the lesser-explored hiking routes, you can really feel as though you’re trekking in a world all of your own. The coast begins to liven up at this time fo year as well, culminating in world-class surfing in November.

Visiting Peru in Winter

June – August

The Peruvian winter is a particularly popular time to visit, especially for those that are planning on hiking in the Andes or exploring the Amazon. In the mountains it’s (usually) clear and bright, whilst the Amazon experiences its dry season, making travelling a little less arduous – and wet.

Top Tips for Visiting Peru

  • Tipping is a voluntary contribution, not mandatory, but it is a good way of express your gratitude and say “thanks”. Tips should come from your good will, please don’t ever feel like you are bound to do it!
  • No vaccinations are required to travel to Peru, however if travelling to the Amazon Rainforest, the Ministry of Health recommends vaccinations against yellow fever, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
  • Be respectful of local citizen’s privacy. Always ask permission before entering a place, and when taking a photo of a person, respect their wishes if they refuse. If you promise to send pictures to local people remember to do so, it is an excellent way to give something back.