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Activity Holidays in England

Dear old England. You’d have thought that a country that can fit inside eleven US states would be easy to summarise. Well let us tell you it definitely is not! In fact, the phrase ‘the full package’ would be perfect to epitomise the country’s allure. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating activity holiday in England or a unique English day experience, there are plenty of local activities to choose from.

Explore England off the beaten track and you’ll discover an exquisite collage of contemporary culture, captivating history, metropolitan cities and lush countryside. Whether it’s iconic landmarks in London, York’s medieval architecture, Liverpool’s docks, Dover’s white cliffs, or the Lake District’s lakes, there’s something here for everyone.

There’s a reason why London and England’s other big cities are often the clincher for most tourists when deciding to visit England. They offer everything from royal encounters, to world-class museums, major theatres and trendsetting nightlife. But step beyond these urban landscapes and you’ll find England’s beautiful natural environment.

With rugged hills, glorious mountains, vast lakes, deep woodland and cascading cliffs, England boasts 10 national parks and 33 areas of natural beauty, including the Lake District National Park, Cornwall and the New Forest. All of these natural beauties make for extraordinary adventures whether you like to hike, bike, climb or indeed swim.

With our unique England experiences and activities, you can expect more jaw dropping moments than there are symbolic red London buses and be prepared to leave with more fascinating stories than you’ll have time to tell your friends about. And trust us, you will want to tell them.

Best Time to Visit England

England can be visited anytime of year as it generally doesn’t get extremes of weather. The climate is fairly temperate with temperatures rarely getting too hot or too cold. And whilst it does get its fair share of rain, it’s not as wet as rumour has it.

Visiting England in Spring

Expect temperatures between 7 degrees in March and 12 degrees in May.

It can be pretty tricky to predict the English climate, whilst March can be warm and sunny one year, the next can be filled with grey clouds. In all, April to June is a good time to visit, as it’s usually dry and warm enough to walk around the many attractions in the cities or to enjoy a hike in the countryside and see the local flora and fauna come to life.

Visiting England in Summer

Expect temperatures between 15 degrees in June and 20 degrees in August.

If you want to hit the beach, you’ll want to visit England in the summer as in recent years the temperatures have hit as high as 30°C in some parts of England. Summer in England is also a great time to get off the beaten track, away from the busy cities, and enjoy the stunning countryside and National Parks. Not to mention the famous beer gardens where you’ll find the locals enjoying a beer or two in the sun.

Visiting England in Autumn

Expect temperatures between 14 degrees in September and 8 degrees in November.

Autumn can be as unpredictable as spring when it comes to the weather but don’t let that put you off. Temperatures are mild and the country gears up for celebrations like Halloween and Christmas so you can experience the decorations and displays. And let’s not forget nature’s colourful display as the green landscape transforms into its autumn colours.

Visiting England in Winter

Expect temperatures between 5 degrees in December and 4 degrees in February.

It would be silly to disregard winter as it’ll certainly be quieter in the cities for sightseeing. In fact, it’s an ideal place for a winter break – enjoy afternoon tea in cosy tea rooms, get out of the cold into the many museums and galleries and take in the atmosphere of historical English pubs. Be aware though that some natural sights may be difficult to visit and may even close over winter.

Best Places to Visit in England

England is a fascinating mix of bustling cities, quaint villages and lush countryside - all perfect to adding to your holiday itinerary. Get off the beaten track and discover one of these places to visit in England.


The icon and epicentre of culture, history and the arts. Uncover its main sights and hidden secrets.

Devon and Cornwall

Rugged coastlines & beaches, with harbour villages in the south and surfer’s paradise in the north.


'God's own country' is a region of brooding moors and ruined abbeys, characterful cities and atmospheric pubs.

Lake District

England's most poetically beautiful corner, the Lake District is a patchwork of incredible rivers, lakes and mountains.


Somerset is the ideal destination for getting a bit of quintessential, old-world England.


Top Tips for Visiting England

  • Travel like a local: on the London Underground (a.k.a. ‘The Tube’), don’t forget to stand on the right and walk on the left of escalators. Londoners take their Tube etiquette very seriously!
  • Sample the local tipple: what better way to taste locally-produced beer and gin than a tour of artisan distilleries and breweries.
  • Be prepared, come rain or shine: English weather really is as unpredictable as you’ve heard so don’t forget your umbrella and sunglasses.
  • Explore the world-class exhibitions: many museums and galleries in the UK are free to enter (great for those travelling on a budget), but remember some special displays will cost extra to enter.
  • Not just fish & chips: British food boasts warm, tasty and comforting dishes but the English also embrace international cuisine, with historic Chinese and Indian communities leading the way.

With nearly 30 million visitors each year, finding unusual activities to do in London can seem an impossible task. But with a town as old as it is new, so rich in history

From ancient castles shrouded in mystery to the culinary delights of the Cornish Pasty, there are plenty of amazing experiences in Cornwall that you definitely won’t wa