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Dear old England. You’d have thought that a country that can fit inside eleven US states, as well as the Amazon rainforest would be easy to summarise. Well let us tell you it definitely is not! The list of attractions that England offers is an extremely long one. In fact, the phrase ‘the full package’ would be prefect to epitomise the country’s allure.

England is an exquisite collage of contemporary culture, captivating history, metropolitan cities and lush countryside. Whether its London’s iconic landmarks, York’s medieval architecture, Liverpool’s docks, Cornwall’s coast, or the Lake District’s Lakes.

Expect more jaw dropping moments than there are symbolic red London buses and be prepared to leave with more fascinating stories than you’ll have time to tell your friends about. And trust us, you will want to tell them.


City Dwelling

Probably the most typical image you have of England is one that includes London, the imposing sight of Big Ben, against the gothic facade of Westminster, with a few red buses thrown in for good measure. And there’s a reason why, London is often the clincher for most tourists when deciding to visit England, and it’s usually the starting point for those that choose to do so. It offers everything from, royal encounters, world-class museums, major theatres, urban park land, trendsetting nightlife and it’s also been one of the most historically influential cities in the world, with over a thousand years of history.

Whilst London is one of the undisputed kings of the urban world. Step outside the region and you’ll find many other cities exploding with many engrossing activities, whether its discovering Manchester’s influential music scene, wandering Newcastle’s illustrious galleries, staring in awe at grandiose architecture of Oxford and Cambridge, or dipping your toe into the rich, quirky culture of Brighton.

Parks and Peaks

England’s natural environment looks like it’s come straight out of a J.R.R Tolkien novel. With rugged hills, glorious mountains, vast lakes, deep woodland and cascading cliffs. England boasts 10 national parks and 33 areas of natural beauty, including the Lake District National Park, Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the Peak District National Park, all of these natural beauties make for extraordinary adventures whether you like to hike, bike, climb or indeed swim.

Delve into History

One of the oldest countries in Europe, England holds a leading role in creating what we know today as the “modern world.” Developing Western ideas of parliament and capitalism. As well as making significant contributions to science, literature and the arts. Go back even further at what could be called England’s zenith, the British Empire stretched over a quarter of the world and encompassed a third of its population.

And you can jump right back into it across the cities and town of the country. By walking in the footsteps of knights at castle ruins, or those of past kings and queens at regal stately homes. Not to forget, you can discover the times of the Stone Age at Stonehenge, walk miles through medieval villages and learn about the lives of great cultural artists such as Shakespeare, Dickens or Austen.

When is the best time to go?

England can be visited anytime of year as it generally doesn’t get extremes of weather. The climate is fairly temperate with temperatures rarely getting too hot or too cold. And whilst it does get its fair share of rain, it’s not as wet as rumour has it.

It can be pretty tricky to predict the English climate, whilst March can be warm and sunny one year, the next can be filled with grey clouds and hail.

In all, April-June is good time to visit, as it’s usually dry and warm to walk around the many attractions.

If you want to hit the beach, you’ll want to visit between July-September as in recent years the summers have been rather warm, with temperatures hitting as high as 30°C.

It would be silly to disregard winter all together. As it’s when some of the sights come into their own in terms of beauty and it’ll certainly be quieter in the cities in terms of sightseeing, so December-February can be enjoyable. Be aware though that some natural sights may be difficult to visit and may even close over winter.

Top Places to Visit
  1. London