Spain a patchwork of atmospheric pine forests creeping over quiet hillsides to stunning river valleys, overlooked by imposing massifs, it’s dreamy Mediterranean coastlines fringed with traditional fishing villages and hidden, misty coves, it’s buzzing cities that blend beautiful colonial architecture with forward-thinking modernity – it’s ready-made for a photography holiday.

Whether you don’t know you shutter speeds from your apertures, or you’re looking for an off-grid adventure to refresh your expertise, there’s a photography holiday in Spain to suit you, and with local guides absolutely passionate about the work and their area, you’re sure to come away with treasured memories that are captured forever.

Photography Adventures in Spain

Photography in Spain is an activity ready-made for a country that truly rewards you for getting far off the beaten track, and into its stunning wilderness.

There are opportunities everywhere you look, from the stunning mountains, forest and lakes of the Spanish Pyrenees, to the jaw-dropping coastlines and rugged interior of Andalucia.

A photography expedition in Spain can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to either hone your skills or capture that ultimate image you’ve been dreaming about. With local guides who know their way around a camera as well as they do around the landscape, you’re in for a trip that will guarantee great results and a fabulous experience.

Where to experience photography trips in Spain

As has already been mentioned, Spain is a country with a huge variety of landscapes. Head to the border with France and discover the Spanish Pyrenees, an incredible ripple of mountains crisscrossed with trails that reveal stunning panoramas at every turn, or head to the Mediterranean coast and Andalucia to experience authentic traditional fishing villages and market towns.

So whether you want to hike into the emptiness of the mighty Pyrenees, capturing images of the stunning natural landscape, or you want to capture some authentic Spanish life in Andalucia, with Not In The Guidebooks, we can help you find the very best photography experiences.

Who are our Spanish photography holiday guests?

Experienced photographers, people who are picking up a proper camera for the first time, all our experienced are geared towards your level and are, in fact, tailored exactly to what you want to get out of your trip.

Suitable for those who want to strike out to areas rarely visited by anyone, on an expedition that plunges you deep into the wilderness, as well as who want to drift from idyllic village to stunning beach, visiting corners that provide unique photo opportunities, with us we can guarantee you’ll find exactly the experience you were dreaming of.

Why choose Not In The Guide Books?

We’re passionate about helping people find the most amazing experiences on their travels, through meeting local people, exploring new places, and discovering alternative activities that make holidays special. We do this by carefully selecting partners in countries around the world who are experts in their local area, sourcing interesting people who can guide you through immersive experiences.

Our local partners in Spain know how to show people the very best of their home. Choosing a Not In The Guide Books holiday in Spain means you don’t have to choose between a city break or an activity-filled holiday, you can get the best of both worlds with a unique trip.