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Activity Holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife. To the untrained eye Tenerife seems like purely a sit down and do nothing except sip on something tropical, browse the all inclusive buffet location. It’s most European citizens go-to relaxation destination. And yeah, with pretty much year round sunshine, it’s golden beaches do glisten, the sea is as blue as any, and it does do tropical drinks just like Wham! were sippin’ on at Club Tropicana.

But to any keen explorer Tenerife is much more than do nothing but get a dodgy sun tan destination. It’s an island of intense diversity, colossal adventure, dramatic volcano-filled landscapes, authentic Spanish culture, and world-class cusisine. All ready to be lapped up like a true discerning traveller.

Because most don’t know about it’s alluring, authentic activities, you don’t have to get up at unspeakably early to avoid any major crowds.