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Activity Holidays in Finland

Cutting-edge cultural scenes and trail-blazing cities, vast swathes of deep, untouched forests and countless crystal blue lakes, endless summer days and magical, glowing winter nights, Finland is a country that offers it all. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating activity holiday in Finland or a unique Finnish day experience, you’re in for a serious treat.

From Helsinki, which offers pioneering design, architecture, cuisine and music scenes, and glows with an enthusiastic energy from every cosy cafe or Bohemian bar, to the magnetic draw of Finland’s vast, pristine wilderness, the fusion of remote beauty and warm hospitality makes it a traveller’s dream.

Go and experience some of the world’s best hiking in the expanses of its national parks, snowshoeing through breathtaking natural scenery. Discover the snow-topped mountains and go searching for Santa in Lapland. Or take advantage of Finland’s snowy landscapes on a day’s adventure ice-karting or on a snowmobile safari, or head out into the darkness to drink in the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis on a Northern Lights Holiday.

Our unique experiences and activity holidays in Finland will provide you with the best combination of adventure and fun that the country has to offer. Explore the Finland that lies off the beaten path and you’ll soon find enriching experiences that help to create an unforgettable trip.

Best Time to Visit Finland

Finland’s geographic position means the weather here can be quite diverse, depending on the season you visit and which part of the country you visit. Finland’s capital, Helsinki, lies to the south of the country and so is warmer than you would probably think, whereas the region of Lapland to the north is a snowy wonderland.

Visiting Finland in Spring

Expect temperatures of around 10 degrees in most parts of the country from April to May.

While you may find snow on the ground in the far north, spring is a pleasant time in Finland as the days start to get longer and the sun makes more of an appearance. However, that being said, you’ll still need to come prepared if you are planning to visit then. Layers are key if you are hoping to move around the country as well as make the transition from day to night.

Visiting Finland in Summer

Expect temperatures of around 15-20 degrees in most parts of the country from June to August.

Enjoy Finland’s long summer days and surprisingly warm weather. Around Helsinki, you can even expect the temperatures to rise above 20 degrees in July. Lapland is opened up to hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, you name it. Go bear spotting, hike the rugged countryside, or take a canoe out onto an idyllic, peaceful lake.

Visiting Finland in Autumn

Expect temperatures of around 15 degrees in September dropping to below 0 in November.

Finland’s autumn colours make a wonderful entrance in September and October but don’t hang around for too long as the first snow starts to fall in October or November. Generally, the country is windy and wet in the autumn and it is not considered to be the best season to visit as temperatures start to fall significantly over the months.

Visiting Finland in Winter

Expect temperatures below freezing, around -10 degrees in the south and extremes of up to -20 or -30 in the north.

If you’re after snow, snow, more snow and the Northern Lights, then these months are your best bet. Head north and you can absolutely guarantee perfect conditions for skiing, snowmobiling and any other snow-based activity, and your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are at their very best – you won’t get a better time or place to see them anywhere, at any other time, in the world.

Best Places to Visit in Finland

There are fantastic adventures waiting for you across Finland. Get off the beaten track and discover one of these amazing places to visit in Finland.


Adventure is in the air in Lapland with towering pine forests, crystal blue lakes & much more.


Levi boasts beautiful pine forests, frozen lakes and the Northern Lights.


The furthest north of our resorts, Saariselka is ideal for outdoor adventures.


The official home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is a taste of true Christmas magic.


Top Things to Do in Finland

Finland is the land of mystery and magic, home of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, so it won't take long for you to fall under its spell.

Top Tips for Visiting Finland

  • Respect winter: Let’s just be serious for a minute. If you are planning to visit Finland in the winter months, do not underestimate how cold it will be. Take proper winter clothing – a thick waterproof coat, waterproof shoes, hat, gloves & scarf.
  • Visit Lapland: Whether you’re in search of Santa, the Northern Lights or a snowmobile adventure, Lapland is completely different to the rest of the country and a natural wonder.
  • Get sweaty in a sauna: The Finns take their saunas seriously and it is a weekly ritual for most households. You’ll find them in most detached homes as well as public saunas and swimming pools. Your visit to Finland won’t be complete without it.
  • Know your ‘Everyman’s Rights’: In Finland, you are encouraged to embrace nature – pick berries, go camping, but always leave it as you found it and respect the surrounding environment.
  • Look but don’t touch: If you are lucky enough to meet a reindeer during your visit, please don’t pet the reindeer. They see petting as a sign of danger and it can be distressing. Always respect their boundaries.

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