The Northern Lights are nature’s most spectacular light show, and there are few places on earth you can witness them as easily and reliably as in northern Finland. Tick off this bucket list experience in the best possible way, by heading to the vast wilderness of Lapland and staring in wonder at the spectacle that is the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights.

Once you get near the Arctic Circle in Finland, you’ll find one of the last true wilderness areas in Europe – Lapland. Sparsely populated and boasting vast fells, deep pine forests, frozen lakes and sweeping rivers, in the winter months, it’s also incredibly dark. This latitude and utter lack of light pollution makes the region one of the very best in the world for spotting the Northern Lights.

Discover Northern Lights holidays in Finland where you can drink in the aurora borealis from the comfort of your own bed in a glass-roofed cabin, or head out in a heated sleigh to an aurora camp to take in the sight fully immersed in the spectacular nature Lapland has to offer.

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Polar Magic in Northern Finland

For as long as humans have lived up in the Arctic Circle, they have been dazzled by the otherworldly sight of streaks of green, red and purple lights shimmering across the pitch-black night sky. One look at them for yourself, and you’ll see why countless cultures and civilisations have pondered how the Northern Lights are created.

And whilst there has been speculation of ancient fallen warriors, dragon gods and magical spirits, we believe that the scientific reason is as romantic as any:

Solar storms on the surface of the sun sends charged particles out into space at a speed of one million miles per hour, known as solar wind. These particles, which would prove incredibly dangerous to humans if they reached the earth’s surface, are mostly deflected away by the natural magnetic field that surrounds the earth, but some are trapped and travel towards the north and south poles of the planet.

Here, they collide with molecules and atoms in the atmosphere, and release their energy in the form of light, tracing the magnetic fields that keep us safe. Remembering this as you stand in the cold, quiet wilderness of Finland on a Northern Lights holiday makes the moment all the more special.

northern lights above trees in lapland

Where to go on a Northern Lights Holiday in Finland

As with any Northern Lights holiday, our recommendation would be to get in the ‘golden zone’ a latitude of between 60 to 75 degrees north. In Finland, that means a trip to the incredible, wild landscape of Lapland.

Levi, Saariselka and Rovaniemi are all places ready-made for those on the hunt for the aurora, with accommodation and villages set up specifically for those searching for the Northern Lights on a family Lapland holiday.

You can choose to lie in a cosy, glass-roofed cabin, warm in bed but gazing up through the laser-heated window to drink in the spectacle from pure comfort, or head out on snowshoeing expeditions by torchlight, or on a heated sleigh to a camp by a frozen lake for those really intrepid explorers amongst you.

Or head on a Christmas holiday in Lapland, and discover the Northern Lights whilst the kids enjoy all the festive magic in the official home of Father Christmas.

One thing is for sure, the sight of the Northern Lights gently drifting overhead is one travel experience that is sure to live long in the memory.

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We’re passionate about helping people find the most amazing experiences on their travels, through meeting local people, exploring new places, and discovering alternative activities that make holidays special. We do this by carefully selecting partners in countries around the world who are experts in their local area, sourcing interesting people who can guide you through immersive experiences.

We’ve got local partners all across Finland, from the vast wilderness of Lapland to the country’s slick, urban capital – Helsinki. Choosing a Not In The Guidebooks holiday in Finland means you don’t have to choose between a wildlife holiday in Lapland or an activity-filled break, you can get the best of both worlds with a unique trip. You could also see the Northern Lights with Not In The Guidebooks in Iceland, as part of an activity packed itinerary.

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