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Activity Holidays in India

If you’re planning your next adventure, India has to be at the top of your list, right? A country that’s baffling, yet beautiful, chaotic, yet charismatic, ridiculous, yet rational, extraordinary, yet… well, just down right extraordinary.

There are a diverse array of wonderful and unusual things to do in India, our local travel gurus have collated immersive indian experiences that truly bring a taste of the real India.

If you do visit arguably the most diverse country in the world, prepare to have your senses violated (in a good way), your perceptions radically changed, your memories cemented and your breath well and truly taken. This is indeed India!

Best Time to Visit India

High Season (Dec–Mar)

  • Lovely weather – warm days, cool nights. Peak tourists.
  • In the north in December and January nights are a little chillier
  • Temperatures start to increase from February.


Shoulder Season (Jul–Nov)

  • Passes to Ladakh and the high Himalaya open from July to September.
  • Monsoon rain-showers through to September.


Low Season (Apr–Jun)

  • April is hot; May and June even hotter. Competitive hotel prices.
  • Humidity is high from June, as the monsoon season sweeps from south to north.
  • Beat the heat (but not the crowds) in the cool hills.

Best Places to Visit in India


Take awe-inspiring, serenely calm palaces and temples, surround them with a buzzing metropolis where


Top Tips for Visiting India

  • Bring your camera – apart from your passport, your camera will be the most important thing you bring. You’ll see some truly breathtaking sites that you’ll want to take some snaps
  • Eat local – the food in India really is on another planet, so try and steer clear of the tikka masalas and the butter chickens. If you can, try street food at one of the local bazaars, or eat with a local family.
  • Prepare well for your visit to India – the fear factor is hyped, but by and large, it is safe to travel in India. Be alert and be confident!
  • Consult your doctor before visiting to make sure you have all the up to date vaccinations.
  • Go beyond the mainstream – whilst the main sites are spectacular, do some research and spend some time at some of the lesser known places.
  • Go outside your comfort zone – India isn’t a holiday it is a cultural adventure. Have plenty of patience and a good sense of humour, and it will be a life changing experience.
  • Here’s some local phrases that will help you on your travels throughout
    • Chalo – Let’s go
    • Ruko – Stop
    • Paani – Water
    • Mehenga – Expensive
    • Paise – Money
    • Dhanyavaad/shukriya – Thank you
    • Namaste – Greetings/hello