An insider’s guide to South India’s lush landscapes

If you’re visiting India, then a trip to the deep South is essential to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Beautiful quiet beaches, tea plantations and a tropical atmosphere await in Kerala. Read on for an insider’s view into the state from our very own local ambassador.

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Best Time to Visit Kerala


Because Kerala has a tropical climate you should be aware of monsoon season before you plan your trip. Although the monsoons bring regular thunderstorms, it is still a pleasant time to visit as you can see the waterways and the waterfalls at their capacity and they look spectacular. Kerala in the rains is also a lot cheaper so you can get some great discounts on accommodation during this time.

Kerala is a very rainy state so you should expect a bit of rain regardless of the time you travel. We love the rain here are it keeps our scenery lush! Take a look at the Kerala calendar:

June-August (monsoon)

The monsoons tend to arrive in June and last until late August. Everywhere is quieter during monsoon season so you’ll enjoy sightseeing in the towns and brief spots of sunbathing on the quiet beaches. It’s still warm and humid so it can be an enjoyable time to visit Kerala – just bear in mind that some places, such as wildlife sanctuaries, may close during this period.

September-March (winter)

India doesn’t have all four typical seasons but this is the coolest part of the year. The temperature can vary between 10-25˚C and it’s usually pleasant and cool with low humidity. Winter is a great time of year for hiking and exploring as it’s not uncomfortably hot.

March-May (summer)

This is the hottest time of the year with temperatures often reaching 30˚C. However this isn’t known as the dry season as you can still experience evening showers during the summer. The heat often puts off some travellers, so the Kerala hotspots are still less crowded than in the winter months.

Top tips for visiting Kerala

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