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Not in the Guidebooks are experts in experience-led travel, for your independent travellers looking for private, authentic, experiential travel with premium accommodation.

Every trip – from short breaks to long-haul adventures – is crafted by locals who reveal amazing, authentic experiences you’d otherwise miss.

Through our network of local hosts and partners, we carefully consider every detail, combining the very best boutique accommodation with a diverse range of unforgettable activities; enabling you get under the skin of a destination like never before, sustainably, and responsibly. We provide unique travel experiences that broaden horizons, support local communities, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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Private Holidays with Flexible Dates: Tailor your independent getaway with private holidays and flexible dates, ensuring your travel fits your schedule seamlessly.

Amazing Itineraries, Fully Customisable :  Embark on incredible journeys with our amazing itineraries, completely customisable to suit your preferences and desires.

Premium Accommodation for Unique Stays: Indulge in premium accommodations, elevating your travel experience with comfort and luxury.

Price Parity Guaranteed: Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed price parity, ensuring you receive the best value for your exceptional travel experiences.

Authentic Sustainable Travel:  Our approach is based on three pillars supporting local communities, minimising impact on planet and we only support responsible wildlife experiences.


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Sustainable travel made easy...

Our vision is to create a world where people connect with locals, and engage with the place and culture in a more intimate way, whilst having a minimal impact on the planet.

Community Support: Your investment directly benefits local communities, preserving cultures and traditions.

Planet-Friendly: We minimize environmental impact with eco-friendly practices and sustainable transportation.

Waste Reduction: We’re dedicated to reducing waste and eliminating single-use plastics from our operations.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our guides are advocates for creating a welcoming environment for all traveler’s.


By choosing Not in the guidebooks  your money supports responsible travel, benefiting both travellers and locals. We craft stress-free itineraries, ensuring a seamless and thoughtful experience from start to finish.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

Mini Breaks


Discover the essence of travel with our Mini Breaks – thoughtfully designed short getaways immersed in local authenticity, paired with stylish boutique premium accommodations. Ideal as stand-alone escapes or seamlessly integrated into longer itineraries, these journeys redefine travel, offering both luxury and genuine, immersive experiences.

Immersive Iteneraries


Dive into our Immersive Itineraries, intricately shaped around authentic local experiences. Luxuriate in stylish boutique accommodations. Private, flexible, and fully customisable, these journeys cater to your customers, complete with seamless transfers and knowledgeable local guides for an unforgettable, tailor-made adventure.

Special Interest Holidays


Immerse yourself in our Special Interest Holidays, tailored for skill discovery and passion pursuit. Choose from cooking escapes, creative crafts, painting, and photography, or indulge in wellness and yoga. For the adventurous, explore multi-activity, horse-riding, and surfing. Craft your unique holiday experience with us.


Embark on unforgettable holidays across Europe with us. From the enchanting Northern Lights in Finland to the captivating landscapes of Iceland and Norway. Explore cultural treasures in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France. Tailor your experience, whether it's culinary delights, active adventures, or cultural escapades.

Holidays in Europe


Explore exceptional holidays across Africa with us. From Morocco's vibrant souks to Namibia's surreal landscapes and the wildlife-rich plains of Kenya and Tanzania. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, rich history, and natural wonders. Tailor your experience to indulge in culinary delights, thrilling adventures, or cultural explorations. Uncover the magic of Africa.

Holidays in Africa


Experience enchanting holidays across Asia with us. From the vibrant energy of Thailand to the cultural richness of Vietnam, ancient wonders in Cambodia, scenic beauty in Sri Lanka, and idyllic retreats in the Maldives. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and tailor your journey, whether it's culinary adventures, historical explorations, or serene escapes. Explore Asia with us

Holidays in Asia

Central & South America

Embark on immersive itineraries across Central and South America with us. From the lush landscapes of Costa Rica to the cultural tapestry of Mexico and the ancient wonders of Peru, customize your journey. Immerse in diverse experiences, from eco-adventures to historical explorations, and savour the rich flavours of this remarkable region. Explore with us.

Holidays in America

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