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Sharer of the Iberian Peninsula with it’s attached neighbour Spain. Although Portugal is considerably smaller than it’s Iberian brother, it certainly makes up for it in mediterranean charm, enchantment and all round good vibes.

Travel to Portugal and you’ll get a mix of everything from the obvious golden, sandy beaches, right through to lovely cobblestone villages, medieval castles and rugged countryside. Add to that the excellent food and authentic, world class wine and you’ve got the makings of a truly exquisite European excursion.

Cinematic scenery, great food and captivating history really are just the start. It’d be a crime not to mention the pulsating city life, with the likes of Lisbon, the hub of culture and the ever underrated Porto. Once you’ve visited these remarkable cities, you’ll find them creeping their way onto your favourite cities list. And you’ll wonder why you never thought to visit sooner.

When is the best time to go?

Our local guide Anton’s advice on when best to travel to Portugal:

‘We would suggest March to October. But even then November and December can be very very mild and so winter tourism here would also work. Generally speaking the wettest month is February so you probably want to avoid that. Other than that it is an all year round destination.

If you like outdoor life and doing things and seeing things there’s no reason why you can’t come all year round. A lot of people come in July and August because that’s just when people naturally get their holidays for but in August it can be 40 degrees which is way to hot to do anything.

April and September would be the best months because the temperature starts to cool but it is still nice and warm. They’re also really beautiful months of the year in terms of what the landscape does. It truly is an all year round destination.’

Top Things to do
Top Places to Visit
  1. Porto


  2. Lisbon


  3. Algarve


  4. Douro Valley

    Douro Valley

  5. Central Portugal

    Central Portugal