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Activity Holidays in Portugal

Sharing the Iberian Peninsula with its neighbour Spain, what Portugal may lack in size compared to its Iberian brother, it certainly makes up for it in Mediterranean charm, enchantment and all round good vibes. From lavish city breaks to exciting activity holidays in Portugal and unique day experiences, its warm moderate climate makes Portugal a holiday destination you can add to your travel itinerary any time of year.

Visit Portugal and you’ll get a mix of everything from the golden sandy beaches and rugged coastlines of the Algarve, right through to the lovely cobblestone villages and medieval castles of Central Portugal. Add to that the excellent food and authentic, world class wine and you’ve got the makings of a truly exquisite European excursion.

Cinematic scenery, great food and captivating history really are just the start. It’d be a crime not to mention the pulsating city life, with the likes of Lisbon, the hub of culture and the ever underrated Porto. Once you’ve visited these remarkable cities, you’ll find them creeping their way onto your favourite cities list. And you’ll wonder why you never thought to visit sooner.

Our unique Portuguese experiences and activity holidays will provide your holiday itinerary with an injection of fun and put you in the heart of local communities & culture. Get off the beaten track in Portugal and you’ll soon find enriching experiences that help to create a memorable trip.

Best Time to Visit Portugal

Portugal is a great year-round destination with mild warm temperatures throughout the year. Its varied terrain, from vibrant cities to rugged sandy beaches and lush green valleys, also means it has something for everyone.

Visiting Portugal in Spring

Expect temperatures between 15 degrees in March and 20 degrees in May.

Visitors to Portugal start to pick up from March when the temperatures start to creep up again. April is a great time to visit for outdoor activities and watching the landscape start to change and blossom. Expect warm weather and sunny skies in spring.

Visiting Portugal in Summer

Expect temperatures between 22 degrees in June and 28 degrees in August.

A lot of people come in July and August because that’s just when people naturally get their holidays so expect the coast to be a lot busier than the rest of the year. It’s also worth noting that temperatures in August can reach up to 40 degrees so it might not be the best time to visit big cities or do energetic outdoor activities.

Visiting Portugal in Autumn

Expect temperatures between 24 degrees in September and 17 degrees in November.

September would be the best month to visit as the temperature starts to cool but it is still nice and warm. This would be a great time to plan your visit to the coast where you’ll see less crowds too. The autumn welcomes a change in the landscape again so it’s an ideal time to get outdoors.

Visiting Portugal in Winter

Expect temperatures around 17 degrees from December to February.

Winter can be very very mild and so planning a visit to Portugal in the winter would also work. Generally speaking, the wettest month is February so you probably want to avoid that time. Other than that Portugal is a great all year round destination

Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is a charming country with friendly locals and incredible diverse scenery at each location, all perfect for adding into your holiday itinerary. Step off the beaten track and discover one of these places to visit in Portugal.


Admire Porto’s effortless charm, serene atmosphere, stunning good looks and friendly locals.


Wander the maze of cobbled alleyways of Lisbon, a city ripe for exploration set over seven hills.


Get lost in the colours of the Algarve, from turquoise waters & rugged red cliffs to fertile farmland.

Douro Valley

The Douro River snakes through the valley lined with vineyards that produce the famous Port wine.

The Azores

A collection of volcanic landscapes and rich forests rising dramatically from glistening blue ocean waters.


A relative unknown to many tourists, magical Madeira is actually one of the best travel destinations


Top Things to Do in Portugal

Portugal is a destination you can depend on year-round. From the Atlantic coastline to the mountains of its interior, each region has a unique culture worth visiting and activities worth exploring.

Top Tips for Visiting Portugal

  • Careful planning goes a long way: although Portugal is a great destination year round, July and August are definitely the hottest and busiest. Best to avoid the hot cities and the crowded beaches. Why not head to the countryside and explore the mountains and valleys for some cooler air?
  • Go beyond the mainland: did you know that Portugal also includes two incredible archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean? Madeira and the Azores are holiday destinations in their own right, and with stunning natural landscapes and strong identities, you’ll want to allow at least a few days to visit each one.
  • Be moved by Fado: Portugal’s traditional folk music, Fado, is an experience you won’t want to miss. It’s often an emotive and melancholic performance but one you’ll remember. You can catch a Fado performance in bar or over dinner.
  • Calling all sweet-tooths: no doubt you’ll have seen, and tried, Portugal’s classic ‘pastel de nata’ (yes, those small custard tarts) without evening setting a foot in the country. While you can pick one up on most street corners, nothing quite compares to the famous bakery in Belem, near Lisbon. It’s an easy day trip from the city and the queue is well worth the hot creamy goodness of these flaky sweet delights.

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