Local Porto Experiences

Local Time: 03:57

Rising elegantly from the swift, silent Rio Duoro is a city that immediately captures the heart and soul with its effortless charm, serene atmosphere, stunning good looks and irresistibly friendly locals.

Porto is a subtle city. It doesn’t shout, it doesn’t brag, it just quietly gets on with being one of Europe’s most captivating cities. It’s in the moments of quiet that you’ll remember this city most fondly.

When you turn into a quiet alleyway and a cat slinks it’s way up a hidden staircase, when the gently lapping Douro splashes up against the fishing boats, when you sip a warming port in a cosy tavern, Porto is there to be savoured, absorbed slowly.

Weaving the historic centre and bohemian street art, world-class restaurants and local tavernas, Porto manages to gather it all in a tangled fisherman’s net of climbing staircases that end in inevitably beautiful views and cobbled alleys to make Europe’s most addictive destination.


Truly Authentic Portugal

Porto isn’t a city overrun by tourists, and you can tell. The locals are laid back, hospitable, and quite enjoy their lifestyle, thank you very much. This all means that a wander through the hilly backstreets will throw up a continuous stream of atmospheric, memorable moments of people simply going about their lives.

Fishermen going about their business on the harbour, groups of friends chinking port glasses at a streetside bar, an undiscovered view of colourful houses tumbling towards the Rio Duoro as gulls circle overhead, take Porto slowly, and she’ll reward you.

Secret Spots

If ever a city was made for exploration, it was Porto. A labyrinth of climbing, winding staircases, crisscrossing lanes and medieval alleyways, enough wandering through this tapestry of streets will inevitably lead you to one of Porto’s many miradouros, or lookouts.

Whether it’s sipping port on a roof terrace or gazing at the hillside of pastel-coloured houses and soaring spires from the Sé cathedral terrace, explore enough and you’ll stumble across a spot you’ll struggle to pull yourself away from.

Food, Wine, Port

Of course, the home of port is going to be the heartland for subtle, rich tawny ports, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Beautifully warming on a cool, late summer evening or in the depths of winter a trip to Porto isn’t really complete without sampling the famous fortified wine.

Away from port, there’s the food scene. A city seriously on the rise, Porto offers everything from authentic food markets to craft beer bars, deep port cellars to sumptuous steakhouses, and Petiscarias to the most exquisite seafood restaurants. Pair all this with world-lass local wines, and you’ve got yourself a true tastebud adventure.