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Activity Holidays in Slovenia

A little green gem at the heart of Europe, Slovenia is vast swathes of forest (more than 50% of the country is still covered in trees), elegant snow-capped mountains, crystal blue lakes and stunning little architectural gems, imposing castles and charming little chapels, dotting this tiny slice of paradise.

All this natural beauty and the endlessly varied landscapes make Slovenia the ultimate adventure playground. World-class hiking, endless climbing opportunities, some of the best white water rafting in Europe and magnificent mountain biking only scratch the surface of what the country has to offer.

There’s an incredible subterranean world to be explored on caving experiences in Škocjan and Postojna, great skiing in the soaring Julian Alps, and canyoning at stunning sites like Mostnica Gorge.

If that sounds a little intense to the traveller that prefers the slower side of life – Slovenia has plenty more to offer, whether it’s exploring the beauty that is Lake Bled, wandering the impossibly picturesque streets of Ljubljana, or lazing on the gold-sand beaches of the Adriatic coast.

When it comes to food, authentic Slovenian cuisine ties together Italian and Balkan influences to create something that incredibly fresh, unique dishes that are proudly Slovenian. And prepare for truly pleasant surprise when you dive in to have a go at some local wine.

Best Time to Visit Slovenia

If you’re after ski season, your best bet is visiting Slovenia from late December through to March. For the best time to go hiking, swimming or rafting, or even climbing Mount Triglav (an essential Slovenian hiking experience), you’re better off going in the spring, or in September or October.

Slovenia’s high season is in the summer months of June and August, where the weather is stunning and there’s a definite party atmosphere in the air, but you might find some crowds.