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Activity Holidays in Kenya

Endless savannah teaming with wildlife, snow-capped volcanoes and brooding mountain peaks, lush jungles and tropical palm-fringed beaches – Kenya packs an incredible amount of natural and beauty and biodiversity within it’s borders.

Whether it’s relaxing in a safari lodge taking in views of wandering elephants as the sun sets, following millions of wildebeest on the largest mammal migration on earth, or trekking through epic landscapes of rushing waterfalls – it’s a country where your quintessential African experience is waiting.

Kenya is also a country that boasts an incredibly rich culture and heritage, and by meeting the local people and experiencing the warmest of hospitality on offer, you’ll discover and addictive country that leaves you already planning your next return.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Like all countries in the tropics, Kenya’s seasons are split into wet and dry. The dry season, which runs from July into October and from January into early March, is by far the best time to see wildlife, but these months will also be the busiest and most expensive.

July also marks the beginning of the Great Migration, so for those travellers who wish to see millions of wildebeest crossing the plains, this is the perfect time to go. The low season, April to June, corresponds to the time of year when the rains are at their longest, and safari is less accessible, with many lodges closing due to the weather. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and relax on the coast however, this can be a rewarding time to visit.