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Activity Holidays in Thailand

When a country is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ you know you’re onto a winner before you’ve even set foot on a plane. And smiling is exactly what you’ll do plenty of throughout your visit to the jewel in the crown of South East Asia on an activity holiday in Thailand, as you explore ancient temples, addictively energetic cities, rolling hillsides and beaches straight from your dreams.

Having been a popular tourist destination for a while now, you’d think all that there is to be uncovered has been, absolutely not. With enough secret temples to leave you astounded, enough untouched islands to hop to last a lifetime and incredible street food to leave you craving more, Thailand is a recipe for the perfect adventure.

Whether you head north to explore the steaming jungles, soaring mountains and off the beaten track homestays, or remain south for the pristine beaches and vibrant atmosphere, a few things are pretty much guaranteed on all our activity holidays in Thailand.

The first is the incredible food. And forget paying huge sums of money to get the very best, in Thailand the worst kept secrets are the streetside stalls which feed the hungry masses for next to nothing. Sitting on a plastic stool on a busy street with a cold beer and a bowl of… something, is about as content a person can get.

The second thing you can guarantee is your welcome. Expect one of the warmest, most hospitable greetings you have experienced virtually wherever you go. On our activity holidays in Thailand we put you in touch with local hosts who are passionate about showing off the wonders of their home, and making memories that will last you a lifetime.

The only problem you’ll have? Narrowing down where to go first.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Although the climate varies, you can visit Thailand all year round and it does depend where you want to go.

The west coast in Thailand is more favourable during the winter months, when diving and snorkelling will be at its best. The weather on the east coast is good for most of the year.

The best time to visit the north would be from June-Oct, due to it being rainy season, the wildlife is much more lush and green, making the natural beauty even more stunning than usual.

The ‘best’ and probably most popular time to come for an activity holiday in Thailand is between November and February, this is when the weather is at its best. It’s not too hot and there’s hardly any rain.

If lounging around on a beach is your thing, then March-May is a good time to pack your bags as it’s very very hot.

Best Places to Visit in Thailand


A mad, hectic, bustling city boasting vibrant markets, ancient temples, soaring skyscrapers and some of the very best food on earth.


Top Tips for Visiting Thailand

Try the food! – the team at Not In The Guidebooks have travelled far and wide to tons of different countries, but we’ve never come across food quite like it is here. Our number one tip would be to avoid the main restaurants and seek out local street vendors.

Take the train – taking the train is not only one of the best ways to get around, but it’s also one of the most scenic. It’s a great way to see different parts of the country on your activity holiday in Thailand if you’re strapped for time.

Carry cash – although a lot of hotels and restaurants accept card payments and there are ATM’s widely available, if you head off the beaten track, a lot places deal in cash. So make sure you have enough with you whilst you’re out and about.