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Pinned to the north-west corner of Africa, between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is a weave of cultures with European, Middle-Eastern and Sub-Saharan threads. Ancient cities with centuries-old medinas play host to buzzing, chaotic markets and souqs, and this gateway of Africa offers some of the warmest, most generous hospitality you will experience anywhere in the world.

Morocco is a country of magic and mystery – tailor-made for any traveller searching for unique, secluded experiences. Whether it’s in the spectacular snow-capped peaks of the soaring Atlas Mountains, along the rugged Atlantic coastline or in the dramatic, arid hillsides dotted with ancient fortresses, Morocco beguiles and enchants from day one.

You could one day be muscling your way through Marakkech and the throngs of locals, dizzy from the heady mix of smells, sights and noises, and the next be setting out into the endlessly vast Sahara Desert with its perpetually shifting dunes, star-studded skies, as trains of camels and nomads eternally wander through this ocean of sand to cool, blue oases and gently glowing, dusty mountain ranges.

Best Time to Visit Morocco

Morocco is generally split into three distinct climates, the hot, dry Saharan south, the High Atlas, and the cooler north and western coast.


In the north of the country, you’ll be getting wet, chilly, Atlantic weather. The High Atlas are pretty much impassable due to snowfall, and in the south of the country, warmer temperatures still attract tourists.


The weather begins to warm, and you’ll see some sandstorms in the south of the country. The mountains begin to thaw and open up to trekkers, whilst in the north, the beaches and cities become warmer and more popular, especially as Easter rolls around.


In June, northern Morocco and the High Atlas Mountains are great places to be, as reliably warm temperatures hang around, and it’s starting to really hot up in the south of the country. As the summer goes on, temperatures can actually become a little unbearable, especially in the desert and the mountains. The beaches on the southern coast are your best bet at this time of year.


An ideal time for the northern coast as the domestic tourists empty from the beaches and temperatures become ideal. The desert becomes cooler and actually quite pleasant, with cool breezes and warm weather.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco


A gently glowing sapphire gem on the Atlantic coast, Essaouira perches delicately as a weave of old ..