Immersive Essaouira Experiences

Local Time: 13:54

A gently glowing sapphire gem on the Atlantic coast, Essaouira perches delicately as a weave of old peeling streets and ancient cultures next to the expanse of flat, wet sand running down to the sea.

Deliciously slow, achingly trendy and with delightful boutiques, galleries and local cafes dotted throughout the maze of creeping lanes and ancient staircases, there are countless hidden gems to be discovered between the beautifully preserved medina and the old, bustling port.


A Step Back in Time

Wandering through the shaded, narrow lanes of Essaouira is an escape to a different era. Fisherman sit on steps mending fishing nets by hand, market stalls heave with fresh seafood and locals mooch through the street on unknown errands.

Within the confines of the ancient city walls, it almost feels as if there’s an unspoken agreement to take things slowly, to go about things as they always have been. As you explore the spice scented lanes and the fresh sea breeze and smells of grilling fish fill the air, it’s easy to see why this town is so addictive to those that visit.

Food and Drink

Essaouira’s coastal location makes it an obvious candidate for stunning seafood, and it doesn’t disappoint. Visit one of the many authentic restaurants for an incredible seafood platter of crab, or grab a quick bite from the grilling stands on the front for the freshest meal imaginable.

Add an incredible fusion of spices and herbs to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a world-class cuisine that is perfect to finish with a strong, aromatic coffee as you sit and people watch on a quiet lane or at the always vibrant port.