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Activity Holidays in Norway

Quite simply one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Norway boasts epic coastlines of dizzying fjords, a labyrinth of looming grey mountains at its interior, mountainous islands that erupt directly from the sea and nestle strings of perfect villages, and of course, vast Arctic expanses.

There is so much to explore in Norway, whether by land or sea, that as you round each corner you’ll become used to expecting another vista of snow-capped mountains and ocean panoramas.

With all these dramatic landscapes, Norway is also one of the world’s best natural adventure playgrounds. Whether it’s sea kayaking, rock climbing, hang gliding, skiing, white water rafting, or simply hiking, there is no end of options when it comes to truly making the most of Norway’s nature.

And it’s attractions aren’t limited to the natural world – Norway is also home to cutting-edge cuisine and design, which means whether you’re searching the slick streets of Oslo for a fine-dining experience, or exploring a gorgeous fishing village on the hunt for some traditional fare, Norway is sure to delight all senses.

Best Time to Visit Norway

Few countries are so affected by the seasons as Norway – it might be dark and cold in the winter, but get far enough north and you’ll give yourself a chance at seeing nature’s very own light show – the aurora borealis.

In the summer, expect festivals galore, endless hours of sun, terraces alive with energy and incredible opportunities to explore the great outdoors.