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Get To Know Lofoten

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6 days

Private Tour for 2-4 people

Get To Know Lofoten

from £1606 pp

What You'll Do

Get to know Lofoten, on a truly unforgettable road trip through the Lofoten islands.

Available April – October

Welcome to Lofoten, one of the most beautiful places in Norway! Your experience will start in Svolvær. On arrival, spend a night in Svolvær, before your hosts on a beautiful sailing ship will pick you up the following day for a magical 5 hour cruise of the coast.

You will be dropped off in Svolvær, where you’ll pick up your rental car to explore the corners of Lofoten Islands. Drive as far as you can by road on the islands and get to know the people and heritage.

Make a stop at the Lofotr Viking Museum and a local cheese producer on the way back. Deliver your car and spend your last night in Svolvær, before heading to the airport for your flight home the following day.

This is a completely private experience where you/your group will have the guide to yourself.


Sail into the fjord and drink in the beautiful scenery and wildlife

Meet local people and learn about their heritage

Go on a road trip to the corners of Lofoten

Your Local Host:


We are a team of dedicated locals ready to take you for local walks or tailor-make your dream holiday off-beaten track. Our team consists of dedicated locals who strongly believe in showcasing the country's finest and most unique experiences. We pride ourselves in our local knowledge, and utilize every bit of it to make incredibly enriching experiences which are sustainable and at the same time memorable.

Experience Itinerary

Welcome to Norway

Welcome to the Lofoten archipelago. Your journey starts in Svolvær, a small village of fewer than 5000 and the biggest town for miles.

After checking in to your accommodation for the night, a typical fisherman’s cabin, have a stroll around town.

Spend the rest of your day exploring Svolvær, the regional centre. The name Svolvær was likely derived from the Old Norse word “svair”, which means ‘chill’! Check out if it still is a chill town today.

Enjoy the town with its galleries, nice restaurants and evidence of being a fishing village with cod hung up on the racks to dry.


Svinøya rorbuer – a renovated fisherman’s cabin with over 200 years history.

Visit the Fjords

Go on a 5 hour cruise for a scenic tour through the open sea of Vestfjord, into the narrow inlet of Raftsundet and all the way inside Trollfjord. The route is spectacular due to its steep-sided mountains, plentiful sea eagle and whale sightings, and absence of roads. Remote areas, like Trollfjord, are only accessible by boat which ensures this wild and magic place can be preserved for years to come.

Your ship will be the Stella Oceana. Originally built to transport oil, she was converted into a sturdy sail ship in 1990. She now offers all the amenities you could ever want and need for a comfortable voyage, like Wi-Fi, showers, lots of room both below and above deck. There is even a hot tub on deck, so you can enjoy the iconic views in the most relaxed state possible.


Svinøya rorbuer – a renovated fisherman’s cabin with over 200 years history.

Road trip to the south

Begin your exploration of Lofoten on land. You can pick up your rental car right by the harbour, and then you are on your way!

The goal for today’s road trip is Reine. The road you will be driving is one of 18 National Tourist Routes, since it’s one of the most scenic drives in the country. So take your time and enjoy the view!

Take advantage of the long days with the midnight sun and make some stops along the way. If you want a dip in the ocean there are numerous beaches where you could stop for a swim. Gimsøy, Eggum and Unstad are some of the best beaches you will pass. But you could just as easily go without your sat-nav and take any side road. You are almost guaranteed to end up somewhere amazing!


Reine Rorbuer- modern fisherman cabins in classical style

Where the road ends

The goal for today’s road trip is Å. Even though it’s a small village you don’t have to worry about accidentally passing it, because the road literally ends here. Spend the day taking in the atmosphere of this unique fishing village, seemingly at the edge of the world. Take the time to visit the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum to learn about the way of life here over the last 250 years. You’ll find northern Europe’s oldest cod liver oil factory here. Maybe you would like to try a spoonful of what has kept Norwegians healthy through the long, dark winters?

Should the taste of cod liver oil not be appealing, don’t worry! The museum also houses an old bakery and café where you can snack on delicious bread and cinnamon buns.

If you feel like stretching your legs the area around Å offers many nice hikes. There are the more demanding ones in the mountains close by, or you can drive a little bit further and hike to some of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten, like Bunes and Horseid. Hope you brought your bathing suit!

Back in Reine you will join a guided Kayak trip in the midnight sun.


Reine Rorbu

Lofotr Viking Museum

Today you will travel back in time, when you visit the Lofotr Viking Museum. Experience life in Lofoten as it would have been a thousand years ago in the world’s biggest reconstructed traditional long house that once stood on this spot. Let your senses take you away as you smell the smoke from the fire and listen to the stories about the Norse gods that were worshipped here.

When you are ready, get back on the road and drive to Svolvær. Spend your last night in Lofoten.

Your rental car can be returned at the airport for no extra fee, so it’s a good idea to keep it until you leave.


Svinøya rorbuer (same as day 1)


Depart Svolvær and drive to the airport. 

Location Information

Nearest airport: Svolvær Airport

This trips starts in Svolvær, the central town in Lofoten. Rental cars can be picked up in the town centre once you return from the sailing trip, and can be dropped off at the airport when you leave (at no extra charge).

On arrival day we recommend getting a taxi from the airport to the accommodation. This is not included in the total price (approximate cost – 200 NOK). The drive from Svolvær airport to the town centre/accommodation takes 5-10 minutes.
  • 4 nights in modernised fisherman's cabins
  • 1 night in hotel
  • All breakfasts
  • Entrance to the Vikingr Village Museum
  • Midnight Sun Kayak Trip
  • 5 hour Fjord cruise