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Activity Holidays in France

France is a country with which almost every traveller has a relationship. The country of culture, the country of gastronomy, the country of world-class art and literature, an activity holiday in France is sure to last long in the memory, experiencing a culture as rich as France’s is not something that happens every day.

There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s not just because of the Eiffel Tower (although it is pretty majestic).

There are wonderful local experiences to be had when you get off the beaten track in France. Some come to stroll the winding streets and the village square markets in Gascony and Provence, some come to follow the trail of great philosophers, historians and artists in Paris and Bordeaux, others are drawn to the country’s unusual geography with its long coastlines in Normandy, massive mountain ranges and breath-taking farmland vistas, and some come for the immense luxury of the French Riviera and Nice.

Whatever unique French experience you choose, it’ll be one you instantly pat yourself on the back for. And after combining cooking lessons with city tours, wine experiences with craft workshops in stunning countryside, you’ll find that they all complement each other as well as a freshly baked baguette, a deliciously gooey Camembert and a glass of exquisite red wine, and have you craving for more flavours of France.

Best Time to Visit France

Visiting France in Spring

Expect temperatures between 13 degrees in March and 18 degrees in May.
As France warms up for the high season, expect the country to be in bloom, warmer weather and local produce, whilst accommodation prices and crowds slowly increase.

Visiting France in Summer

Expect temperatures between 20 degrees in June and 24 degrees in

It’s hot all over, in the Alps there are hiking and rafting opportunities aplenty, and on the coasts the beaches swell with sun-worshippers, accommodation is at its most expensive.

Visiting France in Autumn

Expect temperatures between 17 degrees in September and 8 degrees
in November.

As the crowds disperse, the cost of finding places to stay drops, and as the grapes are harvested and the days shorten, you might find the best deals at the most charming time to visit.

Visiting France in Winter

Expect temperatures between 5 degrees in December and 4 degrees in

For the best deals on accommodation and a chance to see France at its most authentic and non-touristy, visit in winter. Of course, this isn’t the case for the Alps, where the ski season is getting underway and everyone heads for the slopes.

Best Places to Visit in France


Welcome to a city of azure seas, pristine beaches, fresh Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle to match.


Rolling hills bearing winding vineyards, Gascony is a region best savoured slowly.


Windswept beaches, quiet village communities - there are wonderful experiences to be found in Normandy.


Travel along roads that wind their way through the hills of Provence to find truly offbeat experiences.

Loire Valley

Incredible chateaux, beautiful countryside, exquisite wine, all this & more in the Loire Valley.


Historical & cultural hub in a region of world-class vineyards, Bordeaux is a rewarding destination.

French Riviera

Glitz and glamour await in a land where all pleasures & unique experiences can be found.


Tucked away on the south Atlantic coast, France’s surf capital hides a number of offbeat experiences.


A picturesque maze of cobbled alleys reveals a city on the forefront of France’s cultural scene.


What can be said that hasn’t been said already, the romantic capital of the world sits on the Seine.


A scene conjured up by gently ringing church bells & smells of boulangerie wafting through its streets.


The culinary capital of France, if you’re a food lover, look no further than this charismatic city.


Fishing villages, stretches of deserted coastline & all the cheese and bread you can eat, sounds like heaven.


Top Tips for Visiting France

  • Indulge: If you’re going to visit France, don’t hold yourself back when it comes to the culinary delights. French cuisine is all about the good stuff, incredible baked goods, sumptuous cheeses, dishes smothered in garlic, wines that slip down with total ease, chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. Whether you’ve arrived in cosmopolitan Paris or rural Gascony, head straight for a boulangerie.
  • Get outdoors: whilst France may boast some of the best art galleries, museums and restaurants in the world, it also has soaring snow-capped mountains, vast swathes of mystical pine forest, incredible beaches and wave-battered cliffs, all helping to make France the ultimate playground for an outdoor adventure.
  • Head to the vineyards: Virtually nowhere boasts as many vineyards or as many varieties of exquisite wines as France, so whether experiencing the history of Champagne, or getting out into the countryside of Bordeaux, a wine experience in France should be near the top of your list.
  • Learn a few phrases: getting off the beaten track in France is essential to an authentic experience, but the locals have a perhaps unfair reputation for not being the most welcoming bunch. The fact is, in the more remote parts of France, English just isn’t commonly spoken, make the effort and you’ll be rewarded by kind-hearted locals and unforgettable experiences.

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