Whether in the brooding mountains of Snowdonia, the wild, windswept beaches of Anglesey or the lush rolling hills that stretch from Llangollen to Llandudno, Wales is the perfect place for a wellness retreat or a yoga holiday.

Whether it’s wild swimming, yoga, or simply getting back in touch with nature, the untouched landscapes give you the opportunity to stop, take a breath, and soak in your surroundings in a way that really helps you leave a holiday feeling full of energy and truly relaxed.

Wellness Retreats in Wales

A wellness holiday anywhere in the world relies on being able to feel totally relaxed and disconnected from the rush of daily life. In Wales, this is easier than ever.

With stunning natural landscapes, beautiful accommodation and opportunities to escape the maddening crowd scattered throughout the country, Wales really is the perfect place to get out, switch off, and be kind to yourself.

Where to experience wellness holidays in Wales

Head to the stunning Isle of Anglesey for a wild swimming and yoga retreat, or perhaps the rolling hills of the northern mainland as a way to get back in touch with nature and really rewild yourself.

We offer a number of yoga, walking and wild swimming trips in Anglesey and trips to the areas near Llangollen on wellness retreats where you can not only check in with yourself, but also meet fellow, like-minded travellers on one of our singles activity holidays.

Wherever you go for a wellness holiday in Wales, you can be sure that you’ll create memories of unique experiences that last a lifetime.

Who are our Welsh wellness holiday guests?

People who’ve never even heard of the word ‘namaste’, serious yogis, people with a natural affinity for the outdoors and those who don’t get out as much as they would like, everyone is welcome on our wellness holidays in Wales.

Whether it’s diving into the bracing waves of the Irish channel for the first time, or sitting around a campfire under the stars as a storyteller brings to life ancient myths and legends, there is sure to be something new to discover no matter where you go with us.

All you need to bring is energy, a sense of curiosity and a thirst to discover something new. Sound like you?

Why choose Not In The Guidebooks?

We’re passionate about helping people find the most amazing experiences on their travels, through meeting local people, exploring new places, and discovering alternative activities that make holidays special. We do this by carefully selecting partners in countries around the world who are experts in their local area, sourcing interesting people who can guide you through immersive experiences.

We’ve got local partners all across Wales, from the windswept peaks of the Brecon Beacons, all the way to the jagged valleys and brooding mountains of Snowdonia. Choosing a Not In The Guide Books holiday in Wales means you don’t have to choose between a wellness holiday or an activity-filled break, you can get the best of both worlds with a unique trip.