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Activity Holidays in Vietnam

With white-sand beaches on it’s coast and a fascinating history and culture, there aren’t many countries where one day you could be trekking through lush jungle on the hunt for the largest cave on earth, and the next be dodging a sea of mopeds on the streets of Hanoi. In Vietnam however, these are examples of the huge variety of unique experiences and magical landscapes that await you.

Whether it’s kayaking to floating villages beneath the dramatic limestone islands of Ha Long Bay, or relaxing in a rural village as you watch the sun set over distant mountains, Vietnam captures the imagination of all who visit.

This is all before we’ve even mentioned the food.

Vietnam’s cuisine is one of the most wholesome and delicious in the world, as steaming bowls of soups flavored with ginger, chili, garlic and coriander picked straight from the hillsides are served up with succulent meat and vegetable dishes. Vietnam’s food is a reflection of the landscape, environment and culture: hot, beautiful, simple and vibrant all at once, and washed down with Saigon beer.

As soon as you arrive in this diverse and  beautiful country, you’ll fall madly in love with it. Its wildlife is so diverse, it’s culture so vibrant, it’s landscapes so addictive and it’s people unendingly warm.

For these reasons, over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists across the world. But get under the skin of this country, and take the time to get off the beaten track, and you’ll be rewarded by the most incredible traveling experience of your life.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Here in Vietnam, we have a very diverse climate. Due to it being such a big country stretched over 1000km, we have three different micro-climates. This makes Vietnam a great all-year-round destination.

Nov-April is seen as the peak time to come to Vietnam as the temperatures are the highest and rainfall is lowest across the country.

It can, however, get really hot towards the end of the year, so if you were looking for cooler temperatures I’d advise coming between Feb-April, when the temperatures are moderate and the rainfall is lighter.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Northern Vietnam

Cast your mind along a narrow, twisting mountain road that sweeps under endless, rippling mountain r

Ho Chi Minh City

A place where sleek glass skyscrapers clash with dingy market alleys, where one minute you can be in


Hoi An


Top Tips for Visiting Vietnam

Be open-minded – some people still associate Vietnam with the war. Many first-time visitors are very surprised at how much the country has moved on in the 43 years since the war finished. A lot of them also expect resentment and grudges to be held, but nothing could be further from the truth. The past is the past, and here in Vietnam, everyone is welcome.

Check your vaccinations are up to date – sounds obvious, but make sure you’ve had all the up to date jabs for travelling here.

Smile! – Vietnamese people are lovely, but might not always stop and help confused looking foreigners, like in some other Asian countries. So if you do ask a local a question, do it with a smile, you’ll have your question answered and the smile returned.