About Us

Not In The Guidebooks has been established by a small team of dedicated experts to help you create things to do on your holiday in the way you want to.  To give you a little bit if information About us, we are working with people who live in the area who know the places to go and the best people to take you there.  We have sourced a selection of local experiences in the areas where we are established for you to choose from. This is  to be done to your agenda, to create your itinerary with as much or as little activities and experiences as you like on your holiday along with your time to relax . Time to be with friends and family. Time to explore new places and experience new cultures. Time to do something different.

No matter who you are travelling with we know you want to get it right first time. Holiday time is precious and we will find you the best local experiences possible. You might only get this chance and we will make sure your time is well spent.

At Not In The Guidebooks we are passionate about helping people have the most amazing experiences on their travels, through meeting local people, exploring the area, the history and the culture of the place and discovering alternative experiences that are unique to the place you are visiting.

We have sourced local experiences with an Ambassador and local Experience Partners who are obsessed about finding the best and most authentic experiences unique to their hometown. They keep their finger on the pulse and know what is on and when are the best times to go.

Not in the Guidebooks is a global collective of travellers, local Ambassadors and Experience Partners … all of whom will have a personal share in our future success.

We are starting this adventure in Cape Town, Sydney, Sri Lanka and Edinburgh … and will expand to other places soon. But only when we have met the right people who want to be a part of our journey.

Contact us here if you think that person could be you! (or email me direct at carol@nitgb.old)

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