Unique Experiences in Ireland

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Everything you’ve seen, read, and heard about Ireland is true. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can’t do far wrong in visiting any one of its stunning cities or towns. Don’t be fooled by the size of Ireland.

Although it is relatively small, it more than makes up for it with an extraordinary array of authentic things to do, the sheer amount of breathtaking landscapes there are to see, all topped off with a fascinating culture to immerse yourself in and a rich, complex history.

In fact, wherever you go in Ireland, you’re bound to stumble upon a piece of the past. From the astonishing stories of Irish kings to ancient myths of mysterious figures and monsters, breathtaking monuments of prehistoric Ireland are spread across the country far and wide, and they all tell a tale.

Ireland does lyrical landscapes better than most countries, and the luscious green of Ireland you see on the postcards is extremely difficult to miss. From the famed world-class scenery of Kerry and Cork, to the much loved Causeway Coast, there’s an awful lot to get lost in.


Genuinely Stunning Countryside

It’s called the Emerald Isle for a reason. A jewel of green rolling hills, brooding mountains under billowing grey clouds and dramatic, wild coastline, from Donegal to Mourne, Galway to the Causeway Coast, there’s an incredible array of spots from which a camera simply won’t do the landscape justice.

Head out on long hikes that wind for miles through the isolated wilderness, or jump in a kayak and paddle your way around spectacular headlands with the seals and dolphins, all without seeing a soul and feeling like the Emporer of your own little kingdom.

Cities and Towns Bursting with Character

Dublin obviously claims number one spot, thanks to a rich culture, complex history and the fact that it’s just so damn warm and friendly, it really is one of those cities that is a must-visit not only in Ireland, but in Europe.

Outside the Dublin bubble however, there are a number of hidden gems that you absolutely must experience if you’re to discover the best of Ireland. Between the crackling energy and relentless craic of Galway City, the cosy pubs of Kilkenny and the cultural hub of Cork, packed with great galleries, museums and restaurants, there’s a hell of a lot to discover.

The People

It’s often a bit of a generalisation to say that the locals are welcoming in a country, and that it stands as a reason to visit that place. Not in Ireland. There are really few places on earth where one can feel so at ease in a foreign land, whether that’s in a warm, softly lit pub after a long walk in the back of a taxi in central Dublin.

If you really want to get under the skin of this vibrant little isle that just seems to keep on giving, then the answer is in really getting to know the people that live there. So pour another Guinness and let the hours slip away in lively conversation and as the recipient of generous hospitality.

Top Things to do
Top Places to Visit
  1. Cork


  2. Sligo


  3. Wexford