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Activity Holidays in Greece

Once the seat of power in the western world, there are few countries that show as many signs of a glorious ancient past as Greece. It seems that everywhere you go there are crumbling ruins perched on dramatic mountaintops, magnificent theatres under the stars, towering columns of marble, and endless myths and legends that exist within them.

This rich history makes Greece one of the most compelling cultural destinations on earth. Throw in paradisical islands scattered in a glittering blue Mediterranean Sea, deep pine forests dissected by winding ancient footpaths, impossibly pristine white-sand beaches, rugged hikes up towering volcanoes and mountains, beautifully remote villages and boundless horizons, and you have yourself the template for an activity holiday in Greece you will never forget.

And that’s before we even mention the cuisine. With influences from Turkey, Italy, the Byzantines and the Mesopotamians, cultures modern and ancient alike have combined to create truly addictive tastes and aromas. Whether it’s as simple as fresh fish straight from the sea with locally sourced olive oil, or a totally new sensation of lamb cooked in Ouzo, you’re sure to leave Greece dreaming of the flavours and smells that waft through the cobbled streets and the bustling squares of Kos, Crete or Poros.

The squares in Greece’s towns are the main social centre, which brings us to the country’s main attraction -its people. Whether it’s a relaxed coffee on the harbourfront, a Greek feast at a vibrant restaurant, or a few ouzos at a raucous taverna, the Greek people love nothing more than simply spending time with other people. Once you’ve been on an activity holiday in Greece and got to know the true, local, authentic side to the country, you’ll understand that for all the aesthetic beauty of the place, the real draw lies the incredibly good time you are afforded by these warm and incredibly hospitable people.

Best Time to Visit Greece

As with many Mediterranean destinations, the best time, in our opinion, for an activity holiday in Greece is in the shoulder season. There are fewer crowds, the heat isn’t as oppressive, and you can seek out better deals on experiences and accommodation.

That being said, if you travel too close to the low season you might find that many restaurants, cafes and hotels are closed, limiting your choice a little. Think May or September as the most ideal times, both months pretty much guaranteeing beautiful weather and a bit of space to yourself.

Best Places to Visit in Greece


Corfu might, at times, feel overcrowded, but get just off the beaten track and you'll discover untouched, authentic Greece.


Deep pine forests on the interior of the island and beautiful empty beaches give Poros a feeling of true remoteness.


Steeped in as much fascinating history as anywhere in the world, Athens is one of the world's most culturally rich cities.


Beautiful white sand beaches, dreamy sunsets, buzzing little tavernas atop dramatic coastal cliffs, Kos has everything a Greek island should.


Explore countless ancient ruins and discover millennia of fascinating history in Crete, and make the most of the incredible cuisine.