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Activity Holidays in Crete

Boasting millennia of fascinating history, one of the most addictive cuisines on earth, a weave of cultures from Greece, Turkey, North Africa, and Arabia, and some of the most dramatic island scenery in Europe, Crete is a gem of a destination, especially for those who get off the beaten track to the areas untouched by mass tourism.

Once you stumble across one of the countless villages tucked away in the rugged mountainsides, you’ll be able to experience an authentic culture and centuries-old traditions, and receive one of the warmest welcomes and some of the keenest hospitality that you’ll get anywhere in the world.

For foodies, there’s an abundance of incredible local cuisine, and not much beats settling in a countryside taverna with a bottle of local wine, some locally grown olives and a spread of local meats, cheeses and seafood as the long, warm evening draws in.

When not indulging on food and wine, you could explore some of the undeniable highlights of Crete, such as the longest gorge in Europe or the birthplace of Zeus. Like much of Greece, Crete is marked with the signs of a history and mythology that stretches back in time more than almost anywhere else.

Byzantine temples, Minoan ruins, and of course the crumbling grandeur of the Greeks has a beauty that is almost surpassed by the golden sand beaches, craggy mountain ranges and dramatic sea cliffs. Wherever you are in Crete, there is always something new to explore and discover.

Best Time to Visit Crete

High season in Crete is much the same as the rest of the Mediterranean, with July and August the busiest, and priciest, times of the year.

In the cooler seasons of Spring and Autumn, the climate is perfect for outdoor activities, whilst festivals, wine harvesting season, or seeing the island in bloom can also dictate the best time to visit.