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Activity Holidays in French Pyrenees

Whilst the Alps might get all the glory when people think about French mountain ranges, the French Pyrenees are less touristy and in many places, just as spectacular.

An incredible location for skiing and hiking, with trails snaking all the way through the 430km long spine of ridges and valleys, the Pyrenees also offers a home to some of Europe’s most spectacular wildlife, including brown bears and griffon vultures.

The range is also home to some beautiful little villages and a truly distinct culture and cuisine. All in all, it’s a place to explore, and stumble across ruined castles, ancient caves, pristine glacial lakes, perfect climbing spots, and endless vistas of mountains and forest.

Best Time to Visit French Pyrenees

Essentially, the time to visit the French Pyrenees depends on what you want to do.

November through to March is the peak of the skiing season, and otherwise, any time of year is excellent for hiking, climbing or sitting back with a seriously good glass of wine.