Unique Delhi Experiences

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Hidden Gems in Delhi

Delhi is a city with a hugely rich, hugely diverse history. Built and raised to the ground 7 times, this perpetual shifting is reflected in a vibrancy of stories, cultures and cuisine not quite matched by any other place on the planet. Discover unique Delhi experiences with guides who know this city like the backs of their hands.

Shadey, twisting alleyways, blindingly colourful spice markets, deep orange sunsets coming down over twisting spires, colossal domes and tumbledown houses as the sounds of incessant activity rise with the dust, it doesn’t take long for Delhi to claim any traveller’s heart. Finding hidden gems in Delhi can be a challenge, but it can be one of the most rewarding challenges of a lifetime.


Old Delhi

A winding labyrinth of shaded alleyways, and heaving crowds. Old Delhi is an overwhelming experience of scents and smells all rising in a whirlwind of dust, colour and noise.

With the right guide, there are hidden treasures around every corner. A place with history and myth seeping out of every brick, Old Delhi seems to convulse with enthusiastic activity, whilst somehow feeling as permanent as time itself.

The Food

Delhi is the gateway to India, and a culmination of the hundreds of cultures that have shaped it over the years. Thanks to that, it also has one of the most diverse and exciting food cultures of any city in the world.

Complex spices, moreish street food, from the subtle to the spicy, the warmth and generosity of the residents flows out of every mouthful and highlights a passion for living that exists here in such abundance.

The People

Delhi is a city that is made by its people. With a natural predisposition for warm hospitality and a burning desire for establishing human connections, the citizens of this city have created a beautiful kind of order out of the chaos.

Forget your preconceived notions and throw away your guidebooks, and throw yourself into the experience that Delhi dishes out to you.

When is the best time to go?

October – Early March – Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Delhi. Cool in the mornings, with deliciously warm days that don’t overwhelm, if there was such thing as a perfect climate, these months probably wouldn’t be far off.

May – July – If you fancy your chances in baking 45-degree heat, then this is the time for you. Kudos to anyone that backs their chances at remaining active as a visitor in these months, make sure you pack light.

July – August – Hot, humid, and lots of rain. It can be pretty fun to experience monsoon season, but it can also prove fairly disruptive at times.

Top 10 Must See Delhi Sites

Lodhi Gardens

An emerald oasis in the middle of the madness, Lodhi Garden is a tranquil, beautiful city park spread over 90 acres. It’s easy to become lost in these lush, sprawling gardens, as you wander from monument to monument, each with its own history and its own story.

Humayun’s Tomb

A hugely impressive and ornate tomb that seems to sit weightlessly above the idyllic gardens spread below it. This Islamic tomb is a sandstone and marble artwork, thought to inspire some other famous landmark in India. Anyone heard of the Taj Mahal?

Red Fort

Nothing like a fort that has the bodies of decapitated prisoners in for luck. And maybe they have been lucky, after all this behemoth of a fort is still (mostly) standing after a string of wars and revolutions. A building steeped in history, intrigue and blood, it’s not one to miss.