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Activity Holidays in Jaipur

Take awe-inspiring, serenely calm palaces and temples, surround them with a buzzing metropolis where vibrant streets are alive with buzzing motorbikes, incessantly honking buses and scurrying monkeys, drop it all in an arid hill landscape dotted with traditional villages, serve with sizzling temperatures and fiery cuisine, and you have something like Jaipur, a city totally geared towards hosting immersive experiences in a hectic, get-up-and-go culture.

It’s a little like India in a snowglobe. You’ve got all the get-up-and-go attitude of the emerging global powerhouse, as street hawkers and heaving crowds buzz with noise that rises into the hot air with the fragrant odours of street food stalls, and city slickers flock to shiny office blocks.

But you also have sublime, dignified palaces and impressive, tranquil temples that exude a calm grandeur, as elephants and camels drift through ornate archways. Complete the picture with a vibrant arts scene and rich culture, and you’re left with Jaipur, a unique city rich with immersive experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur


You’d be brave to go in the months from March to July. Scorching daytime temperatures can reach as high as 45 degrees, which combined with the dust and the crowds can make Jaipur a very intense experience. Stock yourself up with water for a trip at this time of year.


To visit Jaipur in the winter, from the months of November through to February, is to guarantee clear blue skies, deliciously warm temperatures and cool evenings (you might even want to pack a jumper). This, unsurprisingly, makes it the tourist high season.

Monsoon Season

The autumn monsoon season runs between the months of June up until October. However, if you’re in India during these months, Jaipur is as good a spot as there is to be, as the rains fall later in the day, giving you time to avoid the deluge and explore earlier.