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Best Time to Visit Madrid


Winter – Pretty cold. Of course, the low season will mean you miss most of the tourists and crowds, but it can be bitterly cold, and the city settles into a pretty sleepy atmosphere.

Spring/Autumn – Really pleasant weather, smaller crowds and the city is just stirring into life, a great time to visit.

Summer – Scorching temperatures, although not too humid, and lots of tourists. Madrid has really burst into life in the summer, but prices may be a little steeper and you might find yourself queueing for most of the attractions.

Top tips for visiting Madrid

Discover the city by foot

Most of the attractions within the city are within walking distance to each other. The architecture throughout the city has so much character that it would be a shame to miss it by travelling on the metro.


Expected in Madrid. Most restaurants would expect at 10% tip. More often than not the bill does not include the tip.


Like in many major European cities, pickpocketing is fairly prominent. Stay vigilant and be sensible when carrying around valuables and money.

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