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Activity Holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona oozes class, elegance and style. From the world-renowned architectural delights of Gaudi to the culinary treasures you discover in the phenomenal food scene, everything in Barcelona feels premium.

Cathedral spires pierce through the iconic skyline, and bustling gourmet food markets dot the maze of shady alleyways and secret squares. Within all of these hidden alcoves and local taverns and bars, there are countless stories to be told.

Whilst spanning over 2000 years of history ensures a rich heritage, it also means that Barcelona does architecture better than most. Gothic is the main theme that runs throughout the city, but if you dig a little deeper, towering temple columns and ancient city walls provide a peak into Roman-era Barcelona.

And with world-class creators from Gaudi to Picasso and Miró – a walk around the city is a journey through eras, styles and surprises you simply can’t experience anywhere else on earth.

Barcelona also opens you up to an entirely new world of cuisine. Whether it’s a hearty helping of fresh, gambas lined paella on a table by the sea, or a plethora of sumptuous tapas dishes on the bustling La Rambla, if there’s one thing you’ll remember Barcelona for, it’s the vast array incredible dishes and atmospheric restaurants.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

In terms of the weather, Barcelona stays relatively pleasant throughout the year. Obviously, during the summer months, it can get pretty warm, and in some cases too warm, especially if you’re on a mission to do some sightseeing.

We would recommend Easter as the best holiday season to visit the city as the weather is extremely pleasant and not too overwhelming. Alternatively, if you do have the chance to visit outside of the school holidays this is ideal, as the city will a lot less crowded.

Our local guide Ignasi also highlights another reason to time your trip to perfection. ‘Time your visit so that you can experience the Fiestas. Once a year for two weeks in each neighbourhood there is local parties.’

These fiestas tend to happen from Spring to the start of Autumn, and mean you can party like a local!

Top Things to Do in Barcelona

Top Tips for Visiting Barcelona

  • ‘In Barcelona, don’t rent a car or get a bus, you should always walk everywhere. Get lost and start walking, the best way to discover things is walking.’ Ignasi, local host
  • Be constantly aware of pickpockets, especially on crowded public transport.