Local Valencia Experiences

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A city often overlooked for Spain’s big two, Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is an absolute gem that simply shouldn’t be ignored.

Combining science fiction contemporary architecture with idyllic old town charm, traditional Spanish cuisine with a cutting edge food scene, and a magnificent ribbon of green cutting its way through the heart of the city to its wide, expansive beach, the city has a huge amount to explore.

Buzzing with energy, thanks to its residents who just seem to have a burning passion for living, Valencia allows you to discover the thriving cultural and nightlife scenes one day, then relax on the beach the next.


Mercado Central

Step into a whirlwind of scents, action and vibrant colours in Valencia’s biggest covered market.

Explore the stalls displaying mountains of fresh seafood and impressive fish species, or wander through the rainbow of colour at the fruit and veg stalls, where the produce is all grown in Valencia’s district of market gardens – huerta.

Take the opportunity to try countless samples of stunning food, and take away some top-quality ingredients to test your mettle in the kitchen.

Jardines del Turia

The Valencians are an innovative bunch, always striving and pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a city, and the Jardines del Turia are a prime example of that boldness.

Once the Río Turia, the gardens are a 9km long ribbon of green that runs through the heart of the city, created after the rivers original course was diverted.

It’s an incredibly pleasant mix of sun-dappled stands of trees, lush green lawns and ideal people-watching spots, and provides a great way to get about the city.


If there’s a city in Spain that comes to life at night as explosively and frenetically as Valencia, we’d like to know where it is.

Kick your night off immersing yourself in the fantastic food scene, by wolfing down incredible paella dishes and enjoying excellent Spanish wines, then head out and explore what Valencia has to offer.

Whether it’s a heady agua de Valencia in a bustling local bar, or a refreshing cerveza on a street corner as you watch the heady mix of party-goers and culture vultures stream past, there’s something for everyone in Valencia.

When is the best time to go?

One of the great things about Valencia is that the weather is pretty stunning all year. Of course, winter tends to be a little cooler and the summer heat can often become slightly overwhelming.

Visiting in April, May, September and October is probably the ideal, when you get cool sea breezes and clear blue skies.

And if you want to see Valencia in true party mood, plan your trip around Las Fallas in mid-March. All-night fiestas, fireworks and music is guaranteed.