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Activity Holidays in Yorkshire

With a population similar to Scotland’s, and a fiercely proud one at that, it only takes one visit to Yorkshire to make you understand why the county with its own flag sees itself as ‘god’s own country’.

The immediate draws are the incredible sweeping dales and hills that provide world-class hiking, and where you can explore ancient woodlands, picturesque waterfalls, and brooding moors. Of course, at the end of a day in the brisk countryside, there’s always a cosy pub awaiting you at the end of the day, where you can sample ales from what is generally agreed to be the home of the best proper beer in the world.

Away from the stunning scenery, Yorkshire is a great draw for history fanatics and culture vultures. Ancient cities like York exude a majestic charm as you wander the beautiful streets, and up and coming centres of vibrant art and nightlife scenes exist in Sheffield, Leeds and many more.

Throw in atmospheric ruined abbeys, characterful fishing ports, beautiful empty beaches and impossibly quaint rural villages, and you’ve got a compelling county that hooks visitors from day one.

Best Time to Visit Yorkshire

Every season of the year has its own charm in Yorkshire. Yes, in winter it can be bitterly cold and, at times, pretty miserable, but there are also moments of extreme beauty when snow settles on the fells, and a definite sense of satisfaction when sat in a warm, cosy pub beside a crackling fire.

Otherwise, spring offers mixed but mild weather, great for outdoor activities, and the great British summer, whilst often unpredictable, is always beautiful. In the autumn, the changing colours of the countryside show off Yorkshire in a whole new light.