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Activity Holidays in Alajuela

Like the country itself, Alajuela packs an awful lot into a pretty small area. Jaw-dropping volcanoes with jungle clinging to the steep sides and shrouded in mist, gorgeous waterfalls running through deep green jungles, toucans croaking their way across clear blue skies, nature has done her bit.

The rest of the countryside is predominantly rolling hills of coffee fincas, which means there’s no better place on earth than this paradise from which to start each day gazing at the jungle canopy with a thick, dark espresso in hand.

The locals are disarmingly friendly, putting you at ease within moments of arrival, and venturing out into the agricultural heartlands to get a taste of these generations-old farms and fincas is a hugely rewarding experience. Expect incredible coffee, piles of fresh fruit and vegetables, and all the Gallo Pinot you can eat.