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Rome is a city that really doesn’t need any introduction. Charismatic, charming and captivating, from its history to its vibrant street life, this ancient centre of civilisation is the shining example of old meets new.

For 3000 years now, emperors, popes, soldiers, artists and locals have left their own distinctive mark on this incredible tapestry of eras. Whether It be the brushstrokes of Leonardo Da Vinci, or the might of Julius Cesar, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage. Stepping onto its cobbles is like stepping directly into the past.

Wonderful palaces, thousand-year-old churches, grand Roman ruins, opulent monuments, ornate statues. Wherever you look in Rome your eyes are likely to meet something spectacular.

On every corner there is an ancient Roman ruin, a stunning example of Renaissance architecture, an elegant archway, an atmospheric courtyard heavy with the weight of history.

And if there’s one more thing that’s going to make your time in Rome a truly unforgettable one, it’s the cuisine. Home to Italy’s finest pizzerias, pasta joints and gelato makers you could spend forever wandering the old lanes to seek out incredible spots for relaxing, eating, and watching the scooters and residents pass by.

You’re never far from your next food fix. Whether it’s an atmospheric wine bar tucked deep inside a row of peeling houses, a buzzing pizzeria on a stunning piazza, or a generations-old pasta joint serving up steaming bowls of incredible fresh flavour, there’s nothing quite like sitting back with a glass of wine and truly indulging in the real Roman lifestyle.

Best Time to Visit Rome


Quiet, cool and cheaper than usual, winter can actually be a wonderful time to visit Rome. You may be chancing it a little with the weather, but if you’re lucky you’ll be enjoying 12-13 degrees in February, or marvelling at the magical sight of the Coliseum dusted in snow.


The temperature is becoming balmy, the crowds are heading for the attractions, but you’ll still be escaping the worst of the summer heat.


Hot and busy. Expect longer queues for the major attractions and crowds swelling the popular piazzas, and temperatures reaching 35 degrees. However, if it’s sun you’re after then you’ve found your season for consuming litres of gelato.


The city begins to quieten down again, and the evenings draw shorter to gently glowing embers of summer heat. Much like spring or late winter, and a great time to visit.

Best Places to Visit in Rome

Rome needs no introduction. Charismatic, charming and captivating, from its history to vibrant street life.