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Our local host, Angela says that ‘in Puglia you are surrounded by nature which is nice and peaceful’. This destination is truly perfect place to bike or hike through the rolling hills.

Discover Puglia and you’ll find the range of things to do goes much further than catching rays by the sea. Although this region does make it rather easy to do that. This regional gem is a truly idyllic Italian Region. It is home to ancient towns that have been largely untouched. The region prides itself on the local gold, olive oil.

So yeah, time to step away from the crowds and discover your own piece of Puglian paradise? We’ll leave that up to you…

When is the best time to go?

The summer months are when Puglia really comes alive. Its stunning beaches attract Italian locals as well as many international tourists to the area. During this time Puglia is adorned with summer festivals and markets.

If you are visiting the area for a hiking holiday then Spring would be the best time of year to come. The weather, though pleasant is not scorching. As well as this the rolling hills get covered in wildflowers.

Autumn is also a nice time to visit. The weather remains warm but the main swarms of tourists have dispersed.

Top 10 Must See Puglia Sites

  1. Ostuni
  2. Bari
  3. Castel del Monte
  4. Lecce
  5. Parco Nazionale del Gargano
  6. Trani
  7. Alberobello
  8. Tremeti Islands
  9. SelavĂ­
  10. Brindisi

NotintheGuideBooks Tips

Getting Around: Puglia is an expansive region of Italy. We’d suggest discovering what is has to offer on bike. The roads are often quiet and it is the perfect way to take in the landscape.

Cuisine: As is well known, Italy makes the best pasta. In Puglia you must try the Orecchiette served al dente.

Top Things to do