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Activity Holidays in Puglia

Puglia is the sunny, whitewashed heal of the Italian boot, the home to an abundance of unique experiences and hidden gems, and the perfect region to visit for those tired of the crowds in the capital or on the ever-trendy Amalfi Coast.

In cities such as Lecce, the ‘Florence of the South’, you can find all the things that attract thousands of culture vultures and architecture enthusiasts inland to Tuscany, in extravagant churches, beautiful winding lanes and elegant piazzas.

Really though, it’s outside the confines of the urban areas that Puglia shines like the blindingly white cliffs that sweep along its rugged coastline. Ancient forests, winding cave networks, ancient olive groves and rolling hills form a patchwork of fertile land.

And with this rich, varied landscape comes an abundance of great wines, vats of incredible olives, and when you combine all this with the stunning fish and seafood that is caught in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, you’ll find that Puglia is also a culinary delight waiting to be discovered.

Best Time to Visit Puglia

The summer months are when Puglia really comes alive. Its stunning golden beaches attract the Italian locals, and who knows the best places to visit in Italy other than the Italians themselves?

Thanks to this influx of visitors, festivals and summer markets spring up all over the region and a buzzing summer atmosphere descends on the towns and cities.

However, if you are visiting the area for its natural beauty, and you’re looking to get some hiking or cycling in, visit in the spring. The weather, though pleasant, is not scorching, and you’ll see the hills burst into colour thanks to meadows of wildflowers.

Top Things to Do in Puglia

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Puglia is a region that is largely untouched by mass tourism. The towns are full of history and are truly off the beaten track. This Italian gem is perfect for a peaceful but still adventurous holiday and one that can be filled with fabulous experiences from bike rides to food… Read More »

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Top Tips for Visiting Puglia

Getting Around: Puglia is an expansive, beautiful region of Italy. We’d suggest discovering what is has to offer on bike. The roads are often quiet and it is the perfect way to soak up the landscape.

Cuisine: Everyone knows that Italy makes the best pasta. In Puglia, you must try the Orecchiette served al dente, the speciality of the region.