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Activity Holidays in Verona

Verona is well known as the city of romance as was made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Though this city is small, there’s still so much to experience.

Our local guide Virginia says that “Verona itself is an open-air museum, there’s a lot of hidden paths. I would definitely recommend just walking around the city and getting lost. Look up, look down and you will discover something you have never seen before, even as a local.”

Best Time to Visit Verona

The best time to visit Verona depends on the kind of weather you prefer. Italy is regularly blessed with sunny weather, however, it can get rather cold in the winter months.

If you like the colder weather then the perfect time to go would be from December through to February. Be aware that temperatures can drop as low as 3 degrees with high chances of snow. If you do go during these months,  we’d definitely recommend a day trip to the Dolomites which turn into a winter wonderland.

As of March time, temperatures begin to rise. By July and August Verona experiences highs of around 30 degrees. So, if it is warmer weather you are looking for, these months would be the best time to go. If you have the chance to visit before the summer holidays you should as the city will be quieter.

If you want to witness the Opera in Verona, which we would highly recommend, you should visit the city during the summer time which. This time of year is known as the ‘Roman Theatre Season’. Verona at Christmas is also extremely magical, especially with the Christmas lights and the city will  also be quieter. At the end of the day it really depends on what type of city break you are looking for.

Top Things to Do in Verona

Top Tips for Visiting Verona

  • Walk everywhere: Verona is an open air city and even still gives locals a surprise when they explore. The city is quite small, always opt for walking so that you can discover its hidden gems.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for wine suggestions: The locals in Verona really know what they’re talking about when it comes to wine. Our local guide Virginia claims it’s unusual to come across someone who doesn’t have a true repertoire of knowledge.
  • Luggage holding: The train stations around Verona have a very good luggage holding service. So if your flights don’t match your check in and check out times this is a really good service. It’s a manned service where you can pay by card, not a locker where you need to fiddle around with coins.
  • Tipping: in Verona is optional and it not expected.
  • The Opera: If you want to see the opera in the Arena Di Verona you must visit the city during summer for ‘Roman Theatre Season’. Performances do not happen during the cooler months.