Silent, snow-covered forests, vast fells offering wide open views of distant frozen lakes, iced over rivers shimmering in the glow of the Northern Lights, all this and more unique stays await you on a Christmas adventure in Lapland.

Throw in thrilling activities like husky sledding and snowmobiling in the midst of the largest wilderness in Europe, festive activities such as reindeer sleigh rides and visits to Santa in his own home, and unforgettable excursions into the pitch dark for viewings of the ethereal aurora borealis, and you are left with a truly unique holiday destination sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of this beautiful landscape.

To enhance your family holiday in Lapland or your bucket list adventure to the Arctic, Not In The Guidebooks have scoured the region for  the most unique stays and magical accommodations we could find, all designed to compliment the natural environment whilst immersing you in the wilderness.

In this article, we’ll present some of our favourite places to stay in Lapland to provide you with inspiration for your own adventure in the Arctic Circle, from magical glass igloos to stunning snow hotels.

Our Top Lapland Accommodation

Choosing where to stay in Lapland can, at first, be a question that many visitors to the region don’t even consider. But once you start researching Lapland, we find that travellers can often become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice in terms of variety of accommodation, and even where to stay in Lapland.

From the official home of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi to the pristine wilderness of Saariselka and everywhere in between, you can find magical stays designed to enhance your Lapland family holiday.

1. Glass-Roofed Cabins

woman admiring view from hut with champagne

It’s no secret that one of Lapland’s major attractions is the fact that it is one of the best places in the world for spotting the Northern Lights. A combination of the perfect latitude and minimal light pollution makes northern Finland perfect for an witnessing the otherworldly sight of clouds of colour winding their way across the dark night sky, and draws in travellers from all over the globe.

One fairly obvious fact of travelling to see the Northern Lights in winter (the best time to see them thanks to the long nights), is that it’s going to cold outside. With the average temperature a seriously nippy -6°C in winter, a glass-roofed cabin gives you the opportunity to drink in the spectacle of the Northern Lights from the comfort and warmth of your own bed – not something you experience every day!

At Not In The Guidebooks, we have a number of packages that include not only Northern Lights spotting excursions and your very own glass-roofed cabin for the duration of your stay, but also husky safaris, visits to meet Santa and reindeer rides in Levi, Rovaniemi, and Saariselka.

2. Arctic Treehouses

Finland is one of the most forested countries in Europe, with a staggering 5 million hectares of trees covering over 60% of the country. Much of this forest lies in Lapland, one of the last true wilderness areas in the continent.

There are few better ways to make the most of this stunning nature than by staying nestled in the canopy, surrounded by branches bowing under the weight of snow, with panoramic views of the surrounding woodlands. A combination of plush furnishings and Scandinavian interior design allows you the ultimate feeling of ‘hygge’, all whilst reveling in the fact that you are relaxing right on the Arctic Circle.

Located in Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus, the treehouses make the perfect base for anyone on the hunt for a unique Christmas holiday in Lapland, or for those looking for an activity-filled romantic break where they can explore the wilderness by husky sled, or reindeer-drawn sleigh.

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3. Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi

First opened in 2008, this snow hotel in Rovaniemi is one of the largest of its kind, and is carved from ice each winter to ensure that the hotel is decorated in unique fashion each and every year. These spectacular carvings and ice sculptures are illuminated to create a truly atmospheric hotel where the temperature sits at around 0-5 degrees centigrade at all times, even if it’s significantly colder outside.

When staying in the snow hotel you’ll sleep upon a bed of solid ice, which might sound uncomfortable at first, but in reality once you’ve been armed with your mattress, soft covers and Arctic sleeping bag, guests can enjoy a genuine once-in-a-lifetime nights sleep.

Generally, guests don’t tend to stay more than one night in the ice rooms, as most find that experiencing a night in here just once is enough! That’s why Not In The Guidebooks have put together packages that combine a night in the snow hotel with wonderful winter activities in the region, and the rest of your stay in the next accommodation in our list…

4. Glass Igloos

Situated near the snow hotel and with uninterrupted views of the wide open skies of Lapland, these glass igloos combine warmth and comfort with the sensation of being immersed in the icy arctic environment, making them the perfect base after a unique but potentially chilly night in your room of ice.

It goes without saying that these igloos also provide guests with the very best chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, with the 360º glass roof giving direct views of the sky from your bed. The glass itself is electrically heated, which not only keeps the igloo warm during even the coldest depths of winter, but also melts ice and snow that might gather on the windows in order to keep your view unrestricted.

snow hotel accommodation in lapland

And with the ability to sleep up to 5, these igloos can make the ideal accommodation for anyone looking for Northern Lights holidays in Lapland, whether that’s a family, a couple, or small group of friends.

5. Taiga Cabins in Pyhä

Deep in the Lappish wilderness, some 100km north of Rovaniemi, these log cabins situated in the midst of the forest are the perfect base for a cosy getaway with larger families in mind.

Combining luxury with traditional Scandinavian design for an authentic feel, your family of six can explore the stunning natural world on your doorstep directly from these cabins, before returning each day to what immediately feels like a home from home.

With Not In The Guidebooks you can discover packages based in Pyhä that include transfers from Rovaniemi airport, meaning you can access this peaceful, isolated corner of Lapland with relative ease and enjoy an unforgettable time setting out on husky safaris, Northern Lights excursions and more.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we work hard to seek out the very best in experiential holidays that help our travellers get to the very heart of the place they are visiting. Whether that’s getting in touch with Sami culture on a Lapland family holiday or spotting tapirs wandering through the jungle on a wildlife holiday in Costa Rica, what lies at the core of all our holidays and packages is the fact that they’ve been designed by locals who know exactly how to show you the very best of their home.

All this means that by the time you leave, you’ll have memories of experiences unique to the destination you have been in and of the local people who have made your trip so special. And we find that these are the types of adventure that tend to linger in the mind for quite some time…

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