They say that travelling to Spain is like the welcoming embrace of an old friend, which makes it the perfect destination to start travelling on your own terms, by setting out on the solo adventure of a lifetime.

Whether it’s your dream to master the truly authentic paella, to simply spend a week in a beautiful setting and detox and rewind, with fascinating culture and vibrant city centres on your doorstep, to learn flamenco dance or to strike out into the Spanish mountains, on solo holidays with Not In The Guidebooks, you’ll find like-minded travellers who make the ideal companions for new experiences in a foreign country.

Singles activity holidays in sunny Spain

At Not In The Guidebooks, we believe that travel should get you under the skin of a country, a culture, and its people. That why our solo adventures in Spain are based around getting you in touch with those who know Spain best – the locals.

With other, like-minded travellers, you can learn flamenco on the streets of Seville, cook paella in Andalucia, or learn the language of the Spanish so that you can connect with the culture on a much deeper level.

You’ll travel slower, savouring the perfect pace of life the locals enjoy and really getting to know a region, a city or even a corner of the countryside, so that you leave feeling as though you have an intimate, locals’ knowledge and love of this new corner of Spain.

Why choose a singles holiday in Spain?

With singles holidays and solo adventures, there’s no need to pander to anyone else’s needs or itineraries, you can plan your entire holiday around you.

You can select your dream location, whether that’s Granada, Barcelona, Madrid or San Sebastian, your ideal activity, whether it’s cooking, horse riding, hiking, surfing or dancing, and combine all of this with a friendly local host and a group of equally open, curious travellers to share the experience with.

By the end of it all, you’ll leave having done what you love, in a new destination, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Who are our singles holiday guests?

Our solo travellers can’t be defined – they’re people in their 20’s all the way to their 80’s, and hail from countries all over the world. Some have always travelled solo, others are experiencing their freedom for the first time.

All that’s required is a passion for travel and an inquisitive mind. Thousands of people have already discovered that our eclectic mix of singles holidays are as diverse as the people who go on them. Whether you’re looking for a singles holiday in your 20sin your 30s, or even in your 50s, come and join them.

Do I have to pay a single supplement?

You should never be penalised for travelling solo, so none of our solo activity holidays have single supplements.

Sometimes that means sharing a room with another traveller and sometimes it means a private room and ensuite all to yourself – like everything else about our solos holidays, you can find the style that suits you, your needs and your budget.