For millennia, people have been mesmerised by the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. For a long time, it was only those living at extreme latitudes that had ever seen them, but as time as gone on and countries such as Finland have shown themselves to be popular tourist destinations where anyone can see the Northern Lights, more and more people have flocked to the Arctic Circle to drink in nature’s most spectacular light show.

But where exactly is the best place to see the Northern Lights on a trip to Lapland? In this blog, we’ll suggest a few resorts set up almost specifically to give you the very best experience when it comes to spotting the Northern Lights, so that you can return home having had a magical experiences you’ll remember for years to come.

Northern Lights Resorts in Lapland

northern lights over resort huts

Lapland is a huge area, and contains some of the last true wilderness regions in Europe. A lot of it is also well within the Arctic Circle, in the magical golden zone of 66 degrees north, the very best latitude to see the Northern Lights.

But you can’t just go anywhere in Lapland and expect an incredible experience. Due to the sheer size of it, much of Lapland is not exactly the ideal holiday destination, particularly when you consider the temperature can drop to -35⁰C.

What you need is a spot that’s ready to welcome travellers who want to experience the very best of Lapland without compromising on comfort, where you can see the Northern Lights as well as enjoy the very best of classic Lappish experiences (and escape to the warmth once in a while).

Popular Northern Lights Holidays

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1.      Rovaniemi

northern lights above trees in lapland

Rovaniemi is one of the most popular resorts for travellers wishing to see the Northern Lights, and the capital of Lapland is also the official home of Santa Claus, for those wishing to add a little festive atmosphere to their holiday in Finland.

Located in southern Lapland, it’s set up for you to see the Northern Lights in style, as well as experience local Lapland activities like husky safaris, reindeer sleigh rides, and snowmobiling adventures. After days of thrilling activity, settle back into a glass-roofed cabin and relax in the warmth, in what is surely one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights gently wave across the night sky.

2.      Levi

Levi is a little more remote, and further north, so if you’re after a winter wonderland you can guarantee snow for a wider date range over the year. As well as being the perfect place to see the Northern Lights in Finland, whether that’s on a heated sleigh that’ll take you gliding away from any light pollution whatsoever or lying back in your glass-roofed cabin, it’s also a great location for discovering the ancient and fascinating Sami culture.

It’s also home to Finland’s biggest ski resort, so perfect for anyone that wants to combine a Northern Lights holiday with some days on the slopes. Throw in stunning excursions like Aurora camps by frozen lakes, photography sessions to capture the most spectacular images of the Northern Lights and relaxing spa days where you can unwind in the wilderness, and you have one of Finland’s best holiday destinations.

3.      Saariselkä

tent lit up at night under northern lights

For those on the hunt for the most remote, wild parts of Lapland, then Saariselkä is the ideal place to go and see the Northern Lights in Finland. Situated high in the Arctic Circle, you’ll feel impossibly far from the routine of everyday life, as you spend your days immersing yourself in the perfect wilderness, exploring quiet pine forests and vast fells with teams of huskies, crunching through snowdrifts on snowshoeing expeditions, and ice-fishing on frozen lakes far from civilisation.

Of course, as night falls, you have as good a chance as anywhere in the world of seeing the Aurora Borealis in all its glory, whether you decide to watch it from your glass-roofed cabin (equipped with a laser-heated roof to melt off any snowfall), or on an intrepid, torch lit hike into the dark forests.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we are always on the search for bucket list experiences and travel adventures that don’t simply show you the main attractions in a destination, but help to get you under the skin of a local culture so that you can get discover hidden gems, unique activities and the local people who can provide you with memorable days you would never find on your own.

Whether it’s a Northern Lights holiday in Finland or a magical city break in Rome, your itineraries will be packed with activities that mean you don’t simply see the world, but you experience it like a local.

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