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Activity Holidays in Colombia

Colombia. Now we’re talking. When you hear the words ‘travel’ and ‘Colombia’ being used in a sentence you know it’s a conversation you probably want to be involved in.

Anthony Bourdain, when describing this South American Country, once said: “It’s ludicrous that this place exists and everybody doesn’t want to live here.” And as soon as you land in your first Colombian destination you’ll know exactly what Tony was talking about. Putting its troubling past behind, this place offers a captivating history, interesting architecture, rare wildlife, delectable cuisine and Indiana Jones-esque landscapes, all ready to be explored, hiked, biked or whichever way you want to bask in pure Colombian adventure. Not to mention its warm and welcoming locals who really are the cherry on the top of a very large cake.

There’s no doubt Colombia is quickly becoming the first destination on travel agendas for many discerning travellers, so shake a leg and get here before everyone else decides to join you.

Best Time to Visit Colombia

We have the advantage that we’re on the equator so it means the weather is the same all year round and we don’t have set seasons. So you can travel anytime really, however, what we have is drier and wet times of the year, not like monsoons or anything, but we have months when it rains a little bit more.

Basically the months it is more likely to rain are April, October and November, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel, it just means there’s more chance of having some rain.

December and early January are definitely the busiest times to visit Colombia especially Cartagena and Santa Marta because they’re on the Caribbean coast and the beaches are incredibly popular for both locals and tourists a like

At this time you need to book hotels well in advance, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit, you just need to plan ahead

It is good to visit Colombia in mid Jan, February and March, especially after holiday season. It’s usually dry around this time and it’s definitely not as busy as Christmas time.

May, June and early July are also good times to visit as the weather is very good, you might get a little bit of rain, or you might not, it can be pretty unpredictable.

We don’t really have high holiday season either but another busy time is from the 15th June – 15th July because of local tourism and schools finish for summer.

Best Places to Visit in Colombia


Bogotá. Up there as one of the first destinations many avid travellers have on their travel agenda


Nicknamed the ‘City of everlasting spring,’ the pleasant year-round climate of Medellín is just


“Because you’re in Colombia, you have to visit Cartagena, it is the most beautiful colonial citi


Top Things to Do in Colombia

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Top Tips for Visiting Colombia

Learn some Spanish – it’d be very useful to learn a few basic Spanish words before you came, as a lot of people in Colombia don’t know or know very little English.

Get your vaccinations – we are a tropical country, so make sure you have the up to date vaccinations, especially for yellow fever. And what protection you need to protect against mosquito bites

Plan properly – have a plan of all the different places you want to visit throughout. 

When outside the main cities carry cash – there’s a lot of places outside of the main cities that don’t have ATMs, so make sure you have some cash.

Ask for help when booking taxis – if you’re out late at a restaurant or for drinks, get the hotel, restaurant or bar to book a taxi. Never take a taxi on the street as it can be dangerous.

Always be prepared for the weather – especially in Bogota as it’s not uncommon to have the four seasons in one day.