Authentic Experiences in Lapland for 2023 and 2024

Quiet, sweet-scented pine forests, endless rolling fells, frozen lakes, rushing rivers and wide-open spaces that stretch out forever, Northern Finland is one of the last true great wildernesses in Europe. Seeking out off the beaten track locations here is pretty simple, but it’s not always easy looking for those authentic experiences that really help you get under the skin of a country and culture.

Fortunately, here at Not In The Guidebooks, we’ve sought out some of the very best local experiences for the ultimate holiday in Lapland, and collated them here to help get you inspired for your Lapland adventure in the winter of 2023 and 2024.

The Northern Lights on Snowshoes

couple snowshoeing in finland

You can’t talk about essential, authentic Lapland experiences (especially in winter) without touching on nature’s most famous, and most spectacular, light show. On this snowshoe trek with a difference, you’ll head out into the still, quiet pine forest, the trees only illuminated by the stars and moon, in search of the aurora borealis.

Your guide will take you deep into the wilderness at the most ideal time for spotting the lights, and as you wait for them to appear you can take shelter in a hut equipped with a campfire, warming your bones with hot drinks and snacks in what feels like total isolation from the rest of the world.

The Lappish people have crossed this landscape for hundreds of years using snowshoes, so to walk in their footsteps is a genuinely authentic, traditional experience as you navigate snowdrifts, cross wide open fells and explore deep forests on foot.

Half-Day Husky Safari

husky ride across snow

Huskies are ubiquitous with Finland, and specifically with Lapland. Sleds pulled by these beautiful working dogs has long been a way for locals to navigate tricky terrain and travel long distances, and this is your chance to experience the thrill of speeding through the wilderness behind a team of endlessly energetic huskies.

You can simply sit back and relax as you soak up the stunning landscape and listen to the hiss of the sled as you cross the Lapland fells, and at the end of your adventure, get up close and personal with these adorable dogs as you visit the husky farm – somewhere you’ll find it virtually impossible to pull yourself away from as your visit comes to an end.

A practice that is thought to be 30,000 years old, it doesn’t get much more traditional and authentic than a dog sledding ride through the heart of Lapland’s beautiful wilderness.

Lapland Reindeer Experience

reindeer pulling a sleigh in lapland

The reindeer is an incredibly important animal in Lappish culture and spirituality, so spending time with these gentle, fascinating animals is a great way to really get under the skin of local tradition in Lapland.

On this half day experience, you will also explore the quiet, snow-laden forests, the epic fells and the frozen rivers as you relax on a sled, pulled by one of the gentle giants that also roam freely in the wild.

You’ll learn about the connection the reindeer has with the Sami people, how they can survive in -45 degree cold, and get the chance to feed and get up close and personal with the incredibly laid back animals in the reindeer paddock before your ride.

Summer Hiking in the Forest

hiking in lapland

Lapland is certainly not solely a winter destination. In the summer, it becomes a land of endless daylight, forests teeming with reindeer, eagles, bears, lynx, otters, wolves, owls – the list goes on and on. Its vast fells and waterfalls rushing into dramatic gorges, crystal clear lakes and perfect quiet, far from civilisation.

Combine all this with purpose-made, free-to-use cabins in the wilderness where you can rest, recharge, and relax around a campfire, and you have one of the most compelling hiking destinations on earth.

Of course, if you’re going to set off into one of Finland’s twelve wilderness areas, always make sure you’ve done your research beforehand, are properly equipped, and ready to tackle the landscape. If you are, then you’re in for a serious treat with one of locals’ favourite experiences in Lapland.

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A Winter in Lapland Sound Good?

Fortunately for you, you don’t just have to pick and choose your activity from here and organise everything around it. At Not In The Guidebooks, we have packaged together accommodation in glass-roofed igloos, where you can lie in bed and gaze at the northern lights, with these unique experiences along with many more to create the very best northern lights holiday in Finland.

Whether it’s for 2, 3, 4 or 5 nights, you can immerse yourself in the wilderness and enjoy a wide variety of experiences that are authentically Lappish, whether it’s husky safaris, camping by a frozen lake under the stars, or simply standing and drinking in the spectacle of the northern lights. A Lapland adventure is one you’ll remember forever.

Discover Our Range of Lapland Packages

Flying into Ivalo airport, you will be picked up from the airport and transferred straight to your cosy cabin, which will be your base for the duration of your stay, in the heart of the Northern Lights Village complete with a wonderful restaurant, spa and bar to relax in after a day of activity. Whether it’s Christmas holidays in Lapland or wildlife excursions in Northern Finland, we have you covered.

Above all, this is a change to get truly off the beaten track. As we’ve already mentioned, Lapland is one of the last truly wild places in Europe, and it represents a real escape from the norm and a potential adventure of a lifetime.

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