Unique Places to Stay and Getting Off the Beaten Track in Iceland

There are few places on earth as rewarding as Iceland when it comes to getting truly off the beaten track and finding yourself a unique place to stay. Endless lava fields, bursting geysers, brooding, smoking volcanoes and thundering waterfalls, there’s nowhere quite like this little Atlantic island anywhere on earth.

When you get off-grid in Iceland, you feel closer to nature, and further from the endless bustle of daily life, than it is possible to feel.

You can drink in some of the most magnificent landscapes anywhere on earth, hear tales of myths and legends, and feel as though you’ve dropped off the edge of the earth as you cruise the legendary Route 1 ring road.

And with Iceland being on our green list at the moment, we thought it was high time we shone to spotlight on this stunning destination, to get you inspired and provide some direction for your own Icelandic adventure.

Eco-Retreat in Iceland

eco lodge retreat in iceland under the northern lights

The Icelandic people are in the fortunate position of having access to an incredible amount of renewable energy. Positioned along a fault line in the earth’s crust, hot magma and lava close to, and sometimes above ground level means the country can harness a huge amount of geothermal energy to power homes, factories, and this incredible eco-retreat in the Icelandic wilderness.

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay that gets you far off the beaten track with minimal damage to the planet, then this stunning example of blending cutting edge technology with age-old tradition.

You stay in a traditional torfhús, complete with a luxurious, stylish interior and made with reclaimed building materials, and powered entirely by geothermal and hydroelectric energy. Relax in your beautiful basalt hot pool, drinking in the midnight sun and distant mountains in the summer, or the snowy wilderness and the ethereal northern lights in the winter.

And did we mention the food? During your stay your chef, Thorarinn Eggertson, will create world-class dishes made with ingredients sourced from a mile-radius from the retreat, allowing you a true taste of Iceland in the best possible way.

A real bucket-list, luxury experience, a stay in this Icelandic eco-retreat is not a time you’ll forget in a hurry.

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Fire & Ice

person standing behind a waterfall in iceland

For a more nomadic time in Iceland, this 5-day tour of the southern side of the island takes in all of the region’s most spectacular landmarks, and shows you the local side of Icelandic life that many people miss.

Running out of the vibrant capital, Reykjavik, you’ll spend your first day on a night cruise, hunting for the northern lights in Iceland far from the city lights, an otherworldly way to kick off your time in the country.

You’ll then spend your second day drinking in the world-famous wonders of the Golden Circle, staring in awe at mighty waterfalls, spurting geysers and a chasm where two continents collide. Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings of old at their ancient parliament, and discover the lesser-known Secret Lagoon for a dip in the beautifully warmed waters.

And this is just the first two days. You’ll explore twisting lava tubes, the buzzing little capital city and local, family-run eateries and restaurants, and hike on the alien landscape of a glacier. By the time you arrive back at Keflavik airport at the end of your experience, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve packed into this one-of-a-kind Icelandic adventure.

A Summer Iceland Adventure

black sand beach in iceland

Sometimes, getting off the beaten track is easier when you don’t just go to a unique place, but if you go at a unique time. Whilst many tourists visit in the darker months in the hope of witnessing the beautiful northern lights, the country is just as compelling and attractive in the summer months, we might even argue more so.

On this bespoke, 6 day adventure, you’ll experience the very best of what summer Iceland has to offer.  Staying in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, you’ll get to know the real, authentic Iceland, on a number of experiences and tours that don’t just show you the unseen side to modern Icelandic life, but also the ancient traditions, myths and legends that weave through the landscape.

Of course, like any good Iceland experience, you’ll get to enjoy the geothermally warmed waters of deep blue lagoons, drink in landscapes like black sand beaches and magical ice caves, and experience the bizarre sensation of swimming in streams that look as if they should be ice cold, but are in fact bath temperature warm.

Best of all, you’ll get to know the Iceland people in all their glory. The warm hospitality, the endless ingenuity, and the incredible enthusiasm they have for showing you around their beautiful homeland.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we offer a number of incredible tours and offbeat experiences in Iceland, Finland, Norway, the rest of Europe and beyond. From Cambodia to Costa Rica, Morocco to Mauritius, we aim to get you closer to the heart of a destination so that you can experience a place like a local, so that you don’t simply see the world, you experience it.

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