At Not In The Guidebooks, we throw around the term ‘off the beaten track’ a lot. In this article, we want to give you an idea of what it really means to get properly ‘off the beaten track’.

We want to present to you some of our experiences and tours that get you off the tourist trails, whether it’s exploring the further-flung corners of the globe, the secret spots only the locals know about, or a major attraction in a totally unique way.

1.     Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure

temple and creepers in cambodia

If you’re looking for a bucket list adventure that gets you to the heart of a culture and properly under the skin of a place, look no further than this incredible eight-day tour across Cambodia by tuk-tuk.

As well as exploring the stunning ancient temples, busy city streets and twisting jungle, this is a tour that utilises local knowledge to show you the very best hidden gems, from small lakeside fishing villages to local homestays, so that you can get a flavour of the real Cambodia.

Meet the local people and make the most of the incredibly warm hospitality, the local cuisine, and travel the whole way in the most quintessentially Cambodian mode of transport – the humble tuk-tuk.

2.     Highlights of Namibia

sunset over a view from a lodge in namibia

You don’t get much more off the beaten track than when you reach a place that feels as though you’ve dropped off the edge of the world. On this two week, all-encompassing tour of one of the least densely populated countries in the world, you’ll discover corners of the planet that are virtually devoid of life, as well as parks bursting with some of the most spectacular wildlife on earth.

Spot lions, cheetahs and rhinos in their natural habitat in Etosha National Park, a vast swathe of pristine savannah, drink in the sights at the eerie Skeleton Coast, and wander amongst petrified trees in the otherworldly landscape at Sossusvlei.

Whatever weird and wonderful sights you think the world has to offer, the odds are the offbeat attractions and isolated corners of Africa that you encounter on this tour will top it all.

Off the Beaten Track Holidays

Highlights of Namibia


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Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Cambodia, Siem Reap

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From the Rooftops of Seville

Seville, Spain

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Ha Giang Easy Rider

Vietnam, Northern Vietnam

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3.     Ha Giang Easy Rider

Located in the most northerly part of Vietnam, the Ha Giang region is the most spectacular and the least explored by tourists that the country has to offer. This epic motorbike journey takes you to the most remote and most authentic communities in the region, where you’ll be able to meet the local people, see how they have been living in these mountain villages for generations, and eat the absolutely stunning local cuisine.

Over four days, you’ll travel from community to community, passing ancient monuments, peeling colonial grandeur, and endless panoramic views that will fill your phone’s camera roll faster than you can make space for them.

Throw in jaw-dropping scenery, some of the most thrilling driving roads in the world and cold beers as the sun dips over jungle-covered mountains and lazily turning waterwheels, and you have an adventure that will create memories that last a lifetime.

4.     From the Rooftops of Seville

view from metropol parasol in seville

Getting off the beaten track doesn’t always mean striking out for the most far-flung, exotic destination you can find. Sometimes, you can get off the beaten track even in the middle of the most crowded cities… provided you know where to look.

Hidden staircases, narrow alleys and winding lanes can lead you to hidden gems and local secrets throughout Seville, and you’ll explore some of the best on this tour that takes you to rooftops that offer beautiful sweeping views across the sea of terracotta roofs, punctured with cathedral spires.

Your guide will help you gain that local insight to a city with a truly fascinating past, telling tales of how the city became the architectural gem it is today thanks to the weave of cultures and influences it has seen.

At Not In The Guidebooks, we’re passionate about getting people off the beaten track and away from the tourist traps or busy monuments that everyone sees. And this isn’t just for the benefit of you, or ourselves as travellers.

Getting off the beaten track helps you get in touch with the true, authentic culture of a place, and more often than not it means opting for local tour guides, local hosts, and it can help to keep local traditions and communities alive.

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