7 of the Best Off Grid Holiday Ideas in the UK

We all want to get away, more now than ever. But you don’t always have to look to the other side of the world for a truly off grid experience, sometimes they can be right on your doorstep. Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we we would urge anyone to get out and appreciate the wilderness and off grid escapes that can be found right here on our little island.

The draw of an off grid holiday in the UK is easy to understand. Imagining yourself escaping the confines of your own home, exploring and immersing yourself in a beautiful natural environment, turning off your phone and blocking out the news all within a day’s drive, is a tempting proposition.

So with that in mind, here are our best off grid holiday ideas that you can set off on to rediscover how beautiful the UK really is.

1.     Private Walking Retreat in Cornwall

tiny house decking and sunset in cornwall

There are few places in the UK, and indeed in Europe, that can match the stretch of coastline that runs along Cornwall’s north coast when it comes to great hiking scenery.

On this private walking retreat in Cornwall, a local guide will help you explore the incredible sea cliffs, the secret misty coves, the sweeping beaches and rolling hills, all whilst bringing the landscape to life with stories of smuggling, piracy and shipwrecks.

Whilst the hikes in themselves are true escapism, that doesn’t end when you rest your weary legs at your accommodation, a tiny house isolated in the Cornish countryside. Not much beats the feeling of returning from a long day exploring, opening a bottle of wine and lighting the fire pit, and settling down under a star-filled sky in your own exclusive, private space.

Far from civilisation (it’s a 40 minute walk to the nearest small village complete with a great little pub) it’s an opportunity to truly get away from it all in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

2.     A Quirky Cottage in Cumbria

outdoor wood fired bath

Within a secluded woodland estate, and within driving distance of the incredible north Lake District or the ancient Hadrian’s Wall, this quirky cottage provides you with a totally private and exclusive escape for two. Both wonderfully cosy in the winter and a great base for outdoor adventures in the summer, every aspect of this little gem in Cumbria invites you to switch off,  relax, and focus entirely on enjoying your surroundings.

Picture arriving back at your cottage after a day spent exploring the local area, spotting red squirrels and roe deer in the woods, buzzards and sparrow hawks circling the sky, and possibly even salmon leaping from the river, and lighting the log burning stove or sinking into a wood-fired outdoor bathtub, soaking in the quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

With no limit on how long you can stay, take as much time as you need to remove yourself from the rest of the world to reenergise and rejuvenate with this off grid holiday in the UK.

3.     Wild Camping in Scotland

blue tent on the scottish coast

If you want to get further than ever on an off grid holiday in the UK, you can’t beat camping in the wild, setting up your own pitch in true wilderness and enjoying a totally secluded, isolated sense of escape.

And, thankfully, the only country in the UK that allows wild camping also has the most spectacular scenery to get lost in. Bouncing from place to place and waking up to stunning empty stretches of beach one day, then jaw-dropping mountain scenery the next, provides a sense of freedom that feels like true escapism.

You can get truly off grid in the stunning Scottish Highlands, explore the island jewel of Arran, or the world-class destination of Skye, where you’ll find some of the most incredible scenery on earth.

Other than Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park (where wild camping is limited), your only limitations are how much time you have, and how far you’re willing to explore. Always remember to treat the countryside with respect, ensure you leave nothing behind and leave your campsite as pristine as you found it, to ensure other travellers can enjoy the off grid experience after you.

Off Grid UK Holidays


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Quirky Cottage on the Netherby Estate in North Cumbria

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Private Walking Retreat in Cornwall

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4.     A Luxury Treehouse in Snowdonia

luxury treehouse in trees in Wales

Deep in the Welsh forests and suspended in the tree canopy is a unique escape that gets you off grid near the wilds of Snowdonia, north Wales.

Spend your days hiking in the mountains and hills or at one of the beautiful nearby beaches, or simply relax in your hammock that swings in the branches, enjoying a good book and total silence but for the birds in the trees and the quietly rushing stream below you.

Mapped walks of the local area make it easy to simply walk out of your door, well, ladder, and explore the picturesque woods and streams, hopefully spotting some of the local wildlife, including otters, badgers and hares.

Dine al fresco in the treetops, reconnect with nature and enjoy that off grid feeling on a weekend of real relaxation, as you disconnect from the rush of real life.

5.     Adventure Escape in Scotland

shepherd's hut in scotland

For those that want a little excitement in their lives after being stuck indoors for months, this romantic adventure escape for two combines off grid accommodation in a beautiful Highlands setting with a white-knuckle white water rafting excursion on the incredible River Forres.

The best location for white water rafting in the UK, the River Forres is one of the last untouched rivers in Britain, a rush of water that has carved magnificent canyons and waterfalls through the ancient woodlands and hillsides.

At the end of an adrenaline fuelled day, head back to your secluded, rustic shepherds hut, light up the barbecue and open a couple of beers, and soak up the great outdoors in your own private paradise.

Eight miles from the nearest village, you’ll be able to enjoy the sensation of getting properly off grid in the UK and focus entirely on yourself for a weekend, something we all deserve after slightly insane last couple of years.

6.     Mrs Higgs’ Woodland Retreat

mrs higg's cottage exterior

Tucked away in Herefordshire woodland, this woodland retreat offers true isolation, with nothing disturbing you as you sleep but the sound of the wind in the trees and the noises of the local wildlife. Originally built as a hunting lodge in 1835, this quaint little stone house has been lovingly restored to offer you all the comforts of modern life in a truly off-grid setting.

It hits home just how off-grid this retreat is when you take a look at where the lodge gets its heating, water and electricity. Electricity is generated on-site by solar panels, water is drawn from a nearby natural spring, and heating comes from wood-burning stoves.

To ensure your comfort however, there is a gas stove, flushing toilet and instant hot water, so that you don’t have to go without those fairly basic human needs!

Spend your days exploring the stunning countryside and the quiet woodlands, or simply relax at the retreat and soak up the solitude. Lie back in the hot tub, look up at the canopy of trees, and relish in that feeling of getting genuinely off grid in the uk.

7.     Unique Campervan Adventure

yellow campervan being driven in the lake district

Ever dreamed of cruising around the wilderness in your own classic VW campervan? Let’s be honest, there are few feelings as satisfying as getting off-grid by simply following the open road, with no stresses about booking ahead for hotels or B&Bs, and this campervan adventure allows you just that.

Pick up a camper van from Lancaster, and you’re within reach of the beautiful Lake District or the wild Yorkshire Dales, and you’re totally free to get as off grid as possible, exploring country lanes and magnificent national parks.

Once you’ve decided where to park up for the night, you can revel in not knowing where the next day will take you. Whether it’s a long weekend or a distant adventure, the only limits to getting off grid in a campervan are set by you and you sense of discovery.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we scour the earth on the search for unique, local off-grid holidays in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and more. Our aim is to bring you some of the most off the beaten track, authentic travelling experiences on earth, all whilst helping you make a difference for the better as you travel.

We also have a range of unique accommodation and unusual places to stay, helping you get truly off the beaten track to experience life away from the crowds, in your own personal little paradise.

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